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for good things in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion

We find in life what we look for.

If you ask your­self, “What do I HATE about my job, my stupid hus­band and my life?”, you will find things to be un­happy about. If you ask your­self, “What do I LIKE about my job, my hus­band and my life?” you will find things to be happy about.

Look for good things in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion. You say, “Av­er­age peo­ple don’t make a habit of look­ing for good things!” Cor­rect. Joy­ful peo­ple aren’t av­er­age.

Your hap­pi­ness de­pends on where you put your fo­cus.

one day at a time

Many peo­ple spend their lives re­gret­ting the past and fear­ing the fu­ture, but you can’t fix the past and fear­ing the fu­ture doesn’t help.

Guess what… your present mo­ment is usu­ally quite okay! Un­less you are hav­ing a heart at­tack or be­ing eaten by a bear, the present mo­ment is usu­ally fine. It is the imag­i­nary fu­ture that drives you nuts … “How will I sur­vive if? What will hap­pen if? What will peo­ple say?”

You con­quer worry by drag­ging your mind back to the present mo­ment. You re­mind your­self, “Right this sec­ond I have ev­ery­thing I need.”

There is only one place you can be happy – and that is in the present. Fo­cus on what you can do to­day. Do your best un­til bed­time. That’s enough.


Stop moan­ing about the weather, the gov­ern­ment and your arthri­tis.

We TALK about what we THINK about. That is ob­vi­ous. The re­verse is also true. We THINK about what we TALK about.

The more you com­plain, the more you fill your head with un­happy thoughts.

If you want to talk about fix­ing a prob­lem, won­der­ful! But mind­less com­plain­ing sab­o­tages your hap­pi­ness – and no one cares that you didn’t sleep last night and no one wants to hear about your haem­or­rhoid op­er­a­tion.

At­ti­tude is ev­ery­thing. For ex­am­ple, imag­ine two women, Mary and Jane. Both get di­vorced. Mary says, “I’ve failed. My life is over.” Jane says, “My life has just be­gun!” Who will blos­som?

In a nut­shell, it’s not what hap­pens to you that mat­ters most; it’s how you think about what hap­pens to you. Ul­ti­mately, your hap­pi­ness is in your hands. n

An­drew Matthews is an in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned speaker and best-selling au­thor of Fol­low Your Heart and Hap­pi­ness in Hard Times, which have sold over 7 mil­lion copies in 42 lan­guages. His latest book is How Life Works, pub­lished by Seashell Pub­lish­ers.

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