HOW TO get ahead in the rat race

To get ahead in the rat race we need to get bet­ter at fo­cussing and key tasks, and take steps to do things over and above what we are paid to do.

Living Now - - Personal Development - By Christo­pher Dean

in­creases by ap­prox­i­mately 3%. This is in line with in­fla­tion. In­fla­tion, or the Con­sumer Price In­dex (CPI), is the rate at which the cost of liv­ing in­creases each year. It fac­tors in food, energy, prop­erty and health costs, for ex­am­ple.

The cost of liv­ing is a silent as­sas­sin. It eats away at the mid­dle class’s sav­ings, earn­ings and, even­tu­ally, dreams. If I were to earn $100K this year and qual­ify for a 3% pay rise next year, I may ini­tially be happy about $3K more pay. How­ever the cost of rent, bread, milk and medicine have all risen by an av­er­age of 2-3% as well. That means my $103K can only buy me what $100K could this year, and there­fore I have failed to get ahead.

That’s why the word JOB is a lit­tle known acro­nym stand­ing for Just Over Broke.

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