Ob­serv­ing the lens of per­cep­tion

Living Now - - Living & Learning - By Robert Kirby

My en­tire life has been a jour­ney of in­cred­i­ble re­fec­tion. I could never un­der­stand why the way I was feel­ing about life was re­flected back to me ev­ery­where.

There is an old song from 1889 called ‘ When You’re Smil­ing’ (the whole world smiles with you). It’s been recorded over and over by artists like Frank Si­na­tra, Judy Gar­land and Louis Armstrong.

The song lit­er­ally re­flects all of life. Our feel­ings and thoughts cre­ate their own energy sys­tem. This sys­tem al­ways af­fects the im­me­di­ate en­vi­ron­ment. It is like our own per­sonal lens of per­cep­tion. It af­fects what we be­lieve about our­selves and how we treat our­selves. It af­fects how we treat oth­ers and how they treat us.

Our per­cep­tion of the world is not shared by oth­ers. The en­tire uni­verse is sub­jec­tive. No two peo­ple see the world the same. Ev­ery­one is unique.

I was con­di­tioned to be­lieve that the world was ob­jec­tive (it was fixed and pre­or­dained to be what it is) and that I had to sim­ply fit into life and the world the best way I knew how. This was in con­flict, how­ever, with my ac­tual life ex­pe­ri­ence. Once, when I was eight years old, I was play­ing base­ball along with my big brother Jim at a huge play­ing field that could easily host hun­dreds of chil­dren play­ing many dif­fer­ent sports – but it was just the two of us.

Jim was teach­ing me the fun­da­men­tals of base­ball. I pre­tended to be another boy, Ge­orge, who was 12 years old and one of the best base­ball play­ers in our city. I walked like Ge­orge and talked like Ge­orge and pre­tended to be a star player, but I was not.

Af­ter a half hour of my pre­tend­ing to be Ge­orge, a group of boys from far across the play­ing fields – al­most as far as the eye can see – yelled out to me, “Yeh Ge­orge we want to play a game with you. Can we play a game with you?”

I was in shock and speech­less. The other boys thought I was Ge­orge be­cause I had taken on his per­sona and energy. I lit­er­ally be­came some­one else for a time. As the boys came closer they saw that I was not Ge­orge. They said, “From a dis­tance you looked just like Ge­orge Nacitta.” I looked noth­ing like Ge­orge.

That ex­pe­ri­ence changed my life for­ever. I learned very young that I cre­ated my own re­al­ity, that my en­vi­ron­ment was merely a re­flec­tion of my in­ter­nal re­al­ity and the work­ings of my mind. My lens of per­cep­tion was pow­er­ful. I also some­how knew this was true for ev­ery­one. We are all pow­er­ful man­i­festors.

I no­ticed this with many peo­ple over the years. Many peo­ple I have met grew up with crit­i­cism. This was their early child­hood con­di­tion­ing. It usu­ally came from one or both par­ents. They tend to be hard on them­selves. They tend to be hard on oth­ers. They are of­ten are highly func­tion­ing peo­ple. They get great re­sults, but are of­ten un­happy. They tend to lack spon­ta­neous fun and joy. They were never given per­mis­sion to be fully hu­man. Crit­i­cism is their lens of per­cep­tion. They need to learn self-love and self- ac­cep­tance. They need to pol­ish their lens of per­cep­tion in or­der to for­give them­selves.

When I was grow­ing up my mother show­ered her love and af­fec­tion all over me. She did this to com­pen­sate be­cause she lost her daugh­ter who died four years be­fore I was born. So she made me her pri­mary ob­ject of af­fec­tion. In this process my dad and big brother were ne­glected. I re­ceived love and at­ten­tion that they de­served. It was over­whelm­ing. I of­ten felt guilty.

So in this life I have fre­quently at­tracted jeal­ousy from males. I at­tract it be­cause I ex­pect it. They want to com­pete with me or bring me down. My lens of per­cep­tion is fil­tered to cre­ate this dy­namic.

So my life les­son is to for­give my­self and let go of the guilt. This, along with shame and anger, con­tracts a per­son more than any­thing. To let go of these is­sues is to pu­rify our lens of per­cep­tion. It means we have a new life. We be­gin to see things as they are meant to be seen – with com­plete love, joy and self-ac­cep­tance.

• Ef­fec­tive tech­niques, un­re­vealed be­fore,

• The course is non-sec­tar­ian and the energy is

sourced di­rectly from the Cre­ator.

• Ad­vanced heal­ing tech­nol­ogy, us­ing three

high­est fre­quen­cies of the Cre­ator

• The au­thor is a chan­nel for train­ing hu­mans to de­velop la­tent cos­mic abil­i­ties such as in­ter- di­men­sional travel through time and space, clear­ing the past and as­so­ci­ated trau­mas, and mov­ing into fifth di­men­sional con­scious­ness

• De­tailed de­scrip­tion of our com­plex cos­mic

anatomy is pro­vided to re­alise that our body is

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