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Living Now - - Editorial - El­iz­a­beth Jewell Stephens

Peo­ple tell us that they en­joy the va­ri­ety of ar­ti­cles in Liv­ing­now, and I think we have an ex­tremely di­verse ar­ray this is­sue. From ar­chi­tec­ture to food crav­ings, bul­ly­ing to med­i­ta­tion and prayer, spir­i­tual mat­ters to detox­i­fi­ca­tion and tired­ness to money – a multi-faceted gem for sure.

I’d re­ally like to point out a cou­ple of spe­cial ar­ti­cles, start­ing with Lil­iane Grace’s rec­om­men­da­tion to teach bul­ly­ing in schools. Don’t get up on your high horse about the ti­tle, but read it and see how amaz­ingly sen­si­ble and in­deed what a revo­lu­tion­ary idea it is. As you and I both know, there’s no use declar­ing war on any­thing, or stamp­ing out a prob­lem, be­cause then you are just con­tribut­ing en­ergy to the prob­lem, and try­ing to treat it with some of its own bad medicine. I urge you to read the ar­ti­cle and then, if you’re as con­vinced as I am about the ef­fi­cacy of the method, take it to your lo­cal school and see what they think. It’s prob­a­bly eas­ier to start lo­cally than to go to the head hon­chos of the ed­u­ca­tion depart­ment.

Have you ever been con­flicted about du­al­ity vs non-du­al­ity, ie, a be­lief that there is a God out­side of us vs the idea that we are in fact God? I must ad­mit that I’ve vac­il­lated from mo­ment to mo­ment very of­ten. Well, there is an ex­cit­ing take on it by Barry Vis­sell in his story on only two spir­i­tual paths. He lets us off the hook as to hav­ing to be­lieve just one the­ory. So I feel vin­di­cated in my in­de­ci­sion. Yay! We have a most com­pre­hen­sive fea­ture on mind­ful­ness and med­i­ta­tion, with nine very dif­fer­ent ar­ti­cles. So if you want to try med­i­ta­tion but have been scared, just read the ar­ti­cles and I think you’ll see that there’s not one ac­tual way to do it, and that more or less any­thing goes. No-one men­tioned chant­ing in their ar­ti­cles, sadly, be­cause it is a per­sonal fave of mine, and I don’t know how I’d have worked so hard and so long (27 years this July) on this mag­a­zine with­out hav­ing chant­ing in my life.

Ac­tu­ally, speak­ing of chant­ing, we have a gor­geous CD gift for sub­scribers this is­sue. It’s not chant­ing but some of the tracks af­fect me the same as chant­ing – oth­ers are quite dif­fer­ent – but they are all lovely, as is Ten­zin Cho­e­gyal, the Ti­betan mu­si­cian. If you’re in Bris­bane you might like to take ad­van­tage of vis­it­ing his Festival of Ti­bet, some­thing he or­gan­ises ev­ery year, giv­ing the funds to the Ti­betan or­phans. The de­tails for this are to be found in pur­ple ads on the astrol­ogy ar­ti­cle and also in the Peo­ple Pages Di­rec­tory.

An event in Mel­bourne that I’d re­ally like to in­vite you to is to hear Raym Richards, the guy who writes all the ghost sto­ries for us (and they’re true BTW – just names and places changed ‘ to pro­tect the in­no­cent’). He’s speak­ing with us at lunch in Mel­bourne on 10th April. The de­tails are on p.9.

Next month’s fea­tures are Women’s Health and The Im­por­tance of Touch. We seek ad­ver­tis­ing and ed­i­to­rial sub­mis­sions for the lat­ter, and please be aware that we must of course favour ar­ti­cles from peo­ple who ad­ver­tise with us. I sup­pose you re­alise that the mag­a­zine is funded by ad­ver­tis­ing… While men­tion­ing that, I do wish you’d tell our ad­ver­tis­ers when you see them in the mag­a­zine, al­beit that you most likely go to their web­site and con­tact them via that. It just helps them know that their ads in Liv­ing­now are work­ing, and there­fore it en­sures the vi­a­bil­ity of a free ti­tle. You’d be do­ing a favour for all print pub­li­ca­tions (your lo­cal pa­per and any other print mag­a­zines you read) if you did that be­cause, in these days of on­line ev­ery­thing, it’s not so easy for ad­ver­tis­ers to track which of their pro­mo­tions is work­ing. If you are con­sid­er­ing sub­mit­ting an ed­i­to­rial for The Im­por­tance of Touch fea­ture, please email us for guide­lines – oh, and don’t leave it too long.

With love

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