Oh no… lost your mojo? Your in­ner health may need a re­boot. Boris’s com­pre­hen­sive list of do’s and dont’s will help.

Living Now - - Inner Health Feature - By Boris von Rechen­berg

Uff. You wake up and feel like you could sleep for sev­eral more hours. Ex­cept you can’t. You have to go to work. Some­one or some­thing has poured con­crete into your veins and you feel stiff. And that’s just the body. Emo­tion­ally you feel vul­ner­a­ble, and men­tally… well, you just want to crawl back un­der the blan­kets.

Sound familiar? Why does this keep hap­pen­ing?

Most in­ner health and well-be­ing is­sues stem from block­ages and re­sul­tant stag­na­tions of stuck en­ergy. Block­ages of what? Of our life force, (AKA ‘qi’, ‘chi’, ’ huna’, ‘or­gone’ or ‘prana’), which flows freely within our whole self, but which hits the ob­sta­cle of our re­sis­tance, as we in­stinc­tu­ally pro­tect ‘ the small me’; our iden­tity and egoic sense of self.

Just for a mo­ment, I won­der if you can imag­ine that a sec­tion of a river de­cides it wants to be sep­a­rate from the rest of the river, and there­fore splits off and be­comes a whirlpool. Now it be­gins re­sist­ing the river, blocks off its own source of en­ergy and life force, while – by wil­ful re­sis­tance – si­mul­ta­ne­ously deny­ing the treasure of its own true na­ture, mean­ing it is bound to be un­happy, to strug­gle and suf­fer.

This is a metaphor for the hu­man con­di­tion. This is the sole rea­son why we suf­fer. We have for­got­ten our true whole na­ture, built a mis­trust to­ward it, and re­sist it till it be­comes un­con­sciously ha­bit­ual. And once it’s an un­con­scious habit, well, we have no con­scious con­trol over it. So what hap­pens to a whirlpool which blocks the river? That’s right; it stag­nates. It grows al­gae and be­comes murky and smelly. And iron­i­cally, in all the murk­i­ness, its foggy mind for­gets it has been block­ing out the source of all its en­ergy, and that this is a choice.

Pretty much all di­ges­tive and elim­i­na­tive prob­lems (liver, bow­els, stom­ach, pan­creas, gall­blad­der, kid­neys) orig­i­nate from some form of stag­na­tion, block­age or other dis­tur­bance in the flow of qi.

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