Sug­gested herbs and sup­ple­ments Broc­coli sprout ex­tract St. Mary’s this­tle (Sylibum mar­inum)

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– rich in or­ganic sul­phur, which cleanses and nour­ishes blood, boosts im­mu­nity, sup­ports the liver and may ward off cancer.

• Must-ing and should-ing. Who says?

Stop. Feel. Watch. • Be­lief-ing. Ques­tion ev­ery be­lief. Then

test it again. • Right-ing. Only na­ture has the right to

be per­fect. • La­bel-ing. Al­low your­self to see things

fresh. • Im­press-ing. Who are you try­ing to

fool? Set your­self free. • Please-ing. Do it from real love or

don’t do it all. Man­ners are passé. • Com­pare-ing. If you look, there will al­ways be some­one bet­ter. Stop look­ing. • Blame-ing. Own your situation, even if

it doesn’t look fair. • Gos­sip-ing. Give oth­ers the re­spect

you de­serve. • Crit­i­cise-ing. Stop. We’re all the same.

Feel your heart. • Jib­ber-jab­ber-ing. Stop bitch­ing inside

your head. • Ex­cuse-ing. Don’t give your power

away to feed shame. • Com­plain-ing. Count your bless­ings;

there are oth­ers worse off. When we un­block our en­ergy, kid­ney en­ergy can flow to the heart cen­tre, and our life force flows up to higher lev­els of aware­ness and be­ing. Then we em­ploy higher lev­els of mind, see things more clearly, de­pres­sion lifts, we be­come more com­pas­sion­ate, un­der­stand­ing and pa­tient, love be­comes in­creas­ingly un­con­di­tional, and per­sonal hori­zons are ex­panded. Sex also be­comes more cos­mic. There. Now you’re sold on the idea. Tut tut, cheeky. n

Boris von Rechen­berg, DOCH, is a trans­for­ma­tional en­ergy healer, med­i­ta­tion teacher, coach and ed­u­ca­tor; com­bin­ing holis­tic psy­chol­ogy and transper­sonal hyp­nother­apy with quan­tum source en­er­get­ics. Based in Mel­bourne, he helps oth­ers re­dis­cover true self, life pur­pose, ease, abun­dance, rad­i­cal for­give­ness, peace of mind, youth and wellness through whole be­ing.

Serves 4-6

IN­GRE­DI­ENTS 1 but­ter­nut pump­kin 1 big sweet po­tato 2 onions 4 cloves crushed gar­lic ½ cup al­mond milk ½ cup pine nuts 5 small pieces tofu 2 blanched toma­toes

For a Thai pump­kin soup – 2 ta­ble­spoons curry paste

For a pro­tein pump­kin soup – 1 big piece of tofu 1 ta­ble­spoon pars­ley and sage

Im­mu­nity is some­thing we need to look af­ter. Too many of us get sick and then get sick again and again… and we go straight for the an­tibi­otics. Preven­tion is bet­ter than cure. Look af­ter your­self and strengthen the body. Eat with the sea­sons and eat the

right foods.

DI­REC­TIONS Roast the whole but­ter­nut pump­kin, sweet po­tato, onions and gar­lic for 45 min­utes on 200°C.

Place these all in the blender with the al­mond milk and tofu, pine nuts and blanched toma­toes, and blend.

Add some curry paste to make a great Thai pump­kin soup.

Add some grilled tofu pieces, fresh pars­ley and sage for a great pro­tein meal.

Ex­cerpted with per­mis­sion from Rob’s recipe book, ” Food for the body, mind & Spirit”.

For a list of ben­e­fits of each of these in­gre­di­ents, please re­fer to the ar­ti­cle at www.liv­ing­

Rob Lo­bosco is a doc­tor Of Chi­nese medicine, ac­tor, pre­sen­ter, writer, film maker, with a real love for health and well-be­ing. He has run health re­treats, at Yera Health Re­treat, for the last ten years. He self-pub­lished his se­ries of three health books, and two in­spi­ra­tional nov­els.

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