A mag­i­cal mir­a­cle-maker or a sim­ple sys­tem of brain re­pro­gram­ming? What is PSYCH-K?

Living Now - - Advertiser News & Reviews - By El­iz­a­beth Jewell Stephens

Re­cently I met a man who goes for a swim at Bondi Beach ab­so­lutely ev­ery day of his life (well ev­ery day that he’s in Syd­ney and not trav­el­ling), no mat­ter the weather – and it doesn’t bother him. Ian Spicer has pro­grammed his mind to en­joy this ex­pe­ri­ence and to not be fazed by the cold air or wa­ter. You might think this is pretty im­pos­si­ble, or per­haps you imag­ine he had to sit in a chair in the mid­dle of a lab­o­ra­tory with elec­trodes all over him to get his brain rewired in some hor­rific way.

How­ever, it was re­ally sim­ple – de­cep­tively sim­ple, as I was to find out first-hand.

I was at his ba­sic Psych-k work­shop and learnt in a cou­ple of days how to bring about this sort of change for my­self, and for oth­ers, as Ian ef­fort­lessly taught us to do two unique Psych-k bal­ances.

I got re­ally ex­cited when Ian ex­plained some of the changes that had hap­pened for him and for other par­tic­i­pants as a re­sult of ap­ply­ing Psych-k tech­niques. The ‘trou­ble’ is that it is so sim­ple, that peo­ple don’t think they had the prob­lem in the first place. Ian told me the story of a guy who had come to see him for a per­sonal ses­sion in Syd­ney a few weeks prior. He ex­pe­ri­enced ex­treme stress his whole life from a child­hood trauma. Ian fa­cil­i­tated a Psych-k bal­ance for stress trans­for­ma­tion. He went away happy, but about two weeks af­ter that he rang Ian to com­plain that he thought he’d wasted his money on the ses­sion. Why? Be­cause he said he didn’t think he’d had the trauma af­ter all see­ing that when he’d en­coun­tered the cir­cum­stances now, it had no ef­fect. Der! We hu­mans have such a short mem­ory for things like that. This guy had con­vinced him­self that he must have been mis­taken about the sever­ity of the trauma be­cause the ‘cure’ seemed to be just too easy.

Cer­tainly my ex­pe­ri­ence was that it was too sim­ple too. When I worked on things I wanted to change in my think­ing, I be­gan to doubt that I’d nailed it. How­ever, time proved dif­fer­ently…

One of the bal­ances that I com­pleted was for bet­ter health and body. Then nine weeks ago I had overseas visi­tors stay­ing for a week­end. Ta­nia was telling us how she’d been on a gluten-free diet for a long time now and she was feel­ing so much bet­ter in so many ways.

Now I have known for many years that gluten is not good for my body, and I’ve lim­ited it, but ev­ery time I tried to give it up to­tally, af­ter a while I weak­ened and broke out in a mad feed­ing frenzy on bread – and then gave up the idea of a gluten­free diet.

Guess what! I’ve been able to stick to it as eas­ily as any­thing for nearly eight weeks now and, yes, I’m feel­ing a bit more en­er­gised and my knees feel less creaky (and I hadn’t re­alised that they were get­ting creaky and a bit painful be­cause it was creep­ing up on me).

Look­ing back, I see that the bal­ances for bet­ter health and body fa­cil­i­tated my brain to al­low my body to do this – and my part­ner Frank has also eas­ily stayed away from it, hav­ing done the same bal­ances. What a mir­a­cle!

I first read about Psych-k back in 2007 and had a go at do­ing it for my­self, but rather un­suc­cess­fully then. Know­ing what I know now, I can see all the many ways my life would have been eas­ier had I gone to a pro­fes­sional at that time in­stead of just shelving it. C’est la vie. I guess I had to learn the hard way. How­ever, now that you’ve heard from me just how easy it is, per­haps you’ll choose to un­der­take a ba­sic work­shop for your­self – sooner rather than later. Here are the next avail­able ba­sic work­shop dates with Ian: Bris­bane April 30, 2016 Mel­bourne May 7, 2016 Syd­ney May 28, 2016 Af­ter this first work­shop par­tic­i­pants are equipped to bal­ance for de­sired goals for them­selves and for oth­ers, both per­son­ally and pro­fes­sion­ally. There are ad­vanced and health and well­be­ing work­shops if you wish to take your skills to a greater level.

The great­est over-arch­ing ben­e­fit of free­ing your mind with Psych-k is a dra­matic sky-rock­et­ing in joy and suc­cess in ev­ery­day life. I can un­der­stand now why Ian says that this is be­yond af­fir­ma­tions, willpower and pos­i­tive think­ing.

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