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Eons ago our an­ces­tors cel­e­brated their con­nec­tion to spirit through song, dance, story & gath­er­ing to­gether. Now we bring this age-old tra­di­tion back to life in a con­tem­po­rary way. En­ter: Tribe One Heart­beat!

As you walk to the en­trance, the mind be­gins to slow down. Spa­cious­ness. You feel a rush of ex­cite­ment. A wave of en­ergy sweeps through your body as your skin echoes in waves of goose­bumps. You’re ready. You have been wait­ing for this mo­ment. You breathe again as your heart re­mem­bers – it’s time!

Tribe was cre­ated with the in­ten­tion of re­con­nect­ing busy city dwellers to their hearts. In a pow­er­ful, ex­pres­sive way. It’s not just a dance. It’s not just a con­cert. It’s not just a festival. It is a re­con­nec­tion. A cer­e­mony. An awak­en­ing. A play­ful jour­ney into who we re­ally are.

Pranic heal­ing is very ben­e­fi­cial in help­ing re­store the body back to good health. It’s used to re­align the chakras. If chakras are not func­tion­ing to their full ca­pac­ity, the phys­i­cal & emo­tional body be­comes ill. Ev­ery­day life, be­ing highly stress­ful, can cause de­pres­sion & anx­i­ety, which then leaves us feel­ing heavy, bur­dened & low of en­ergy... even­tu­ally we get sick.

Those who have pranic heal­ing say they walk away feel­ing a lot “lighter”. Pranic heal­ing can help treat: • De­pres­sion • Anx­i­ety • Poly­cys­tic ovaries • Fears and ad­dic­tions • High blood pres­sure/choles­terol De­pend­ing on the sever­ity, relief can be in­stan­ta­neous. It is not to re­place med­i­cal treat­ment, but def­i­nitely com­pli­ments all ther­a­pies. From my own ex­pe­ri­ence it’s helped tremen­dously in deal­ing with stress, leav­ing me feel­ing more re­laxed & more revived than ever.

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