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How do you pur­chase footwear that will be cost ef­fec­tive, not hurt, look great and last the dis­tance of time?

The first de­ci­sion to make is that you will pur­chase a shoe that will do no harm to your body or foot. It is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that you get only one body and two feet per life­time! Hon­our what­ever foot shape your fam­ily has given you. You will be happy with that de­ci­sion.

When you stand in the new shoe you should have no feel­ing of dis­com­fort or pres­sure. Pur­chase a shoe that is sim­i­lar to your foot shape. Never pur­chase a shoe that dis­torts you foot – and def­i­nitely no pointed or an­gled toe ‘box’. That type of shoe is just so 1950s.

Some shoe stores do fash­ion shoes – what is in vogue now today – colour, heel height, and what ev­ery­one else is wear­ing! They are for a young mar­ket.

The footwear stores fo­cussing on health shoes will sell straight last shoes. Turn the shoes up­side-down to see the re­la­tion­ship of the heel to toes. Imag­ine a straight line, which should go through the cen­tre of the heel to the third metatarsal. If you can­not draw a straight line be­tween those points, then the shoe is not good for nat­u­ral pos­ture. The cor­rect re­la­tion­ship makes sure you take a deep breath in when your body goes into your propul­sive phase of walk­ing.

Once you have the idea, your feet will be pain free and you will pur­chase less shoes. Al­ways ask ques­tions!

Hav­ing worked in a shoe shop for years, we have plenty of ideas and sug­ges­tions for good foot health. See you soon.

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