Some­times you are so frozen by fear you don’t even re­alise it. How to use your imag­i­na­tion to re­claim your body and short cir­cuit fear.

Living Now - - Personal Development - By Jena Grif­fiths

Af­ter sev­eral months of semi-hi­ber­na­tion for me, sud­denly it’s time to turn the lights back on and leap. It has been tempt­ing to do this ear­lier but some­how it wasn’t pos­si­ble.

Why not? Con­tem­plat­ing this re­minds me of some frogs I res­cued from the mid­dle of the road one win­ter night. It was pitch dark and the road was full of them. I stopped my car and tried to prod them off the road but they wouldn’t budge. Couldn’t budge was more like it. They just sat there no mat­ter how much I prod­ded – fully grown frogs that could not move a mus­cle to save them­selves. I was hor­ri­fied. “What’s wrong with them?”, I mused as I curled a leaf over each of them and car­ried them to the safety of the curb.

They had come out of hi­ber­na­tion early due to a pre­ma­ture thaw but, at night, as tem­per­a­tures plum­meted, they had no power to do any­thing but stare with bright-eyed con­scious­ness at loom­ing head­lights that could well be fa­tal.

Per­haps you too know this feel­ing? Caught in the head­lights of loom­ing dead­lines that could well be fa­tal and the wiring that usu­ally causes you to leap is some­how non-func­tional. We too have an an­cient rep­til­ian brain that lurks deep in­side our more ad­vanced neo­cor­tex. Even though out­dated, it is still the gate­keeper that shuts ev­ery­thing down if one vi­tal in­gre­di­ent is miss­ing. It needs warmth or sud­denly the lights go out.

For­tu­nately we hu­mans have evolved into warm-blooded crea­tures, with our own in­built ra­di­a­tor. If there’s no-one around to hud­dle up to, or even hate un­til we’re hot, or hop­ping mad, we can switch the power back on all by our­selves.

How? By us­ing our imag­i­na­tion to ac­ti­vate the en­ergy of our heart.

Re­search from Heart­math re­veals that the hu­man body has an elec­tro­mag­netic field around it just like the Earth’s, and, more star­tling, your heart is a master switch that can turn this mag­netic field on, en­hance it, dim it or shut it down. Touch your chest, in the re­gion where your heart is, and breathe deeply. Imag­ine breath­ing into your heart and out again. Do this long enough and your heart will start to glow. You might even find your whole body starts to tin­gle and come alive again. If this feels like fear, don’t re­sist it. Hold it firmly like a small wild an­i­mal, un­til it soft­ens, re­leases its claws from your mind and turns to joy. Add awe for lit­tle things that make life so special. Sun­light catch­ing a rain­drop. A rose­bud open­ing… Sud­denly your creative juices are flow­ing again and the world looks much brighter.

Now take that leap into your ideal fu­ture be­fore the light in the tun­nel re­ally does trans­port you to an­other realm. ;-) ■

Swiss-based master hand an­a­lyst, Jena Grif­fiths, has helped thou­sands of peo­ple dis­cover their life pur­pose and live it. Jena will be back in Aus­tralia end Oc­to­ber to of­fer more talks, life pur­pose read­ings and work­shops in Queens­land and NSW.

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