Hard drugs and in­tense chi

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If you’ve been a hard drug user, you will have ma­jor im­bal­ances of yin and yang. You may well have a con­di­tion known as ‘yang ris­ing’, where all your en­ergy is up in your head, cre­at­ing an empty, heated in­tensely ir­ri­tat­ing sen­sa­tion. When you take up a chi prac­tice you need to keep a few things in mind. For ex­am­ple, if you are learn­ing tai-chi or chi-gung, teach­ers will in­struct you to ‘re­lax’ but you are prob­a­bly phys­i­cally un­able to re­lax; so you’ll feel frus­trated and start think­ing chi is not for you. Think ‘sink in, sink in’ in­stead of ‘re­lax’ and it will work better for you.

You can adapt a lot of what you have in­stinc­tively learned about chi from your hard drug ex­pe­ri­ences. For ex­am­ple, you feel a drug rush start in your belly be­cause it is ac­ti­vat­ing the pri­mal en­er­gies in the body. This is the dan­tian, the seat of power. This is where you ‘gather’ chi.

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