Ex­pe­ri­ence and Heal your Past Lives with Dr Charles Richards

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What is Soul Jour­ney Ther­apy?

Soul Jour­ney Ther­apy was de­signed to pro­vide a glimpse in full-con­scious­ness (with­out hyp­no­sis) of the big­ger pic­ture of why we are here and how we can more eas­ily nav­i­gate the dharma (higher pur­pose) of our life and re­la­tion­ships. It al­lows par­tic­i­pants to not just re­call but to also heal the in­vis­i­ble emo­tional wounds of the present and past-lives, pre­na­tal, and the birth ex­pe­ri­ence. A past-life re­called is not al­ways a past-life re­solved. If this was the case, a good psy­chic could just tell you what hap­pened in a past-life that has caused your present life prob­lem or con­di­tion, and with that in­for­ma­tion you would be cured. To re­solve this hyp­notic ef­fect of past-life trauma we must re-ex­pe­ri­ence the past-life in full­con­scious­ness. We can then dis­charge the painful emo­tion stored in the ex­pe­ri­ence.

What kind of con­cerns can be ad­dressed through Soul Jour­ney Ther­apy?

Fears, pho­bias, trust is­sues, au­thor­ity is­sues, de­pres­sion, low self-worth, anx­i­ety at­tacks, chronic pat­terns of dys­func­tion, un­wanted emo­tional at­tach­ments, ob­ses­sions, com­pul­sions, fix­a­tions and more. Any chronic, ex­ag­ger­ated re­sponse in this life is symp­to­matic of a past-life mem­ory. The unique, ther­a­peu­tic fea­ture of Soul Jour­ney Ther­apy is that once a core or key past-life or lives re­lat­ing to a karmic pat­tern have been re-ex­pe­ri­enced and dis­charged, symp­toms fall away and be­hav­ior changes al­most in­stan­ta­neously. Nonessen­tial karmic residue has been re­moved, much like get­ting rid of un­wanted bag­gage you’ve been car­ry­ing around your whole life. This hap­pens with­out the typ­i­cally long pe­ri­ods of ther­apy, anal­y­sis, or in­ter­pre­ta­tion found in tra­di­tional psy­chother­apy.

What about the pe­riod between lives?

Soul Jour­ney Ther­apy can also al­low par­tic­i­pants to ex­plore the in-between-life realm ex­pe­ri­enced af­ter death or be­fore birth. In a state of full-con­scious­ness we can ven­ture into realms where peo­ple who have had near-death ex­pe­ri­ences vividly de­scribe. Such ex­pe­ri­ences can lead to great in­sight and en­light­en­ment into who we are, what we are here to do, and where we are go­ing. One can also awaken lost or blocked tal­ents and skills from past-lives.

What hap­pens between life­times?

Between life­times the Soul has a much greater aware­ness of it­self as a spir­i­tual be­ing beyond the lim­i­ta­tions of a phys­i­cal body. This is where you meet with loved ones and your soul group, re­view pastlives, see the source and nature of karmic re­la­tion­ships, re­ceive spe­cialised train­ing, or learn higher spir­i­tual truths. The between-life state is where soul comes to terms with where you have been and where you are go­ing next.

What if I don’t be­lieve in past lives or rein­car­na­tion?

The process works re­gard­less of be­lief in past-lives or rein­car­na­tion. By re­call­ing and re­liv­ing past-lives, ex­pe­ri­ences between lives, and beyond, rapid change can re­sult. It only takes co­op­er­a­tion in the process, not be­lief, to get re­sults. “I have found that the in­flu­ence of past-lives is a lot like the in­flu­ence of grav­ity. They in­flu­ence us all whether we be­lieve they do or not.

What can peo­ple at­tend­ing your work­shops ex­pect to learn and ex­pe­ri­ence?

• How pre­na­tal and birth ex­pe­ri­ences have an un­con­scious pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive in­flu­ence on health, emo­tions, and re­la­tion­ships. • How the soul’s past-life mem­o­ries with sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers can be ac­cessed in full-con­scious­ness and life­long emo­tional, phys­i­cal, and core is­sues with re­la­tion­ships can be healed more ef­fec­tively and in much less time than tra­di­tional or al­ter­na­tive heal­ing meth­ods. • What it’s like to re­call af­ter-death re­unions dur­ing the between-life state where agree­ments are made with other souls, which af­fect love and re­la­tion­ships to­day.

Do all par­tic­i­pants at your work­shops ex­pe­ri­ence their past lives?

Yes, 99% of par­tic­i­pants ex­pe­ri­enced at least one past life and for those that didn’t I of­fered fur­ther ses­sions un­til they did.


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