Last in­stal­ment of the Rebel’s Guide to Re­cov­ery

The chi-cy­cle life­style is a bridge from the mun­dane to the mys­ti­cal. Do a daily chi prac­tice, fol­low the cy­cle and make find­ing your cos­mic self your pri­or­ity, and you can cross that bridge at will.

Living Now - - Health & Healing - By Jost Sauer

Un­real re­al­ity

If you were drawn to re­peat a drug ex­pe­ri­ence it was be­cause that un­real ver­sion of re­al­ity was not enough for you. It is not sup­posed to be enough. I wish I’d known this. I’d never felt sat­is­fied with or­di­nary re­al­ity, even as a child. I dreamt of hav­ing spe­cial pow­ers and of trav­el­ling to other di­men­sions, but I was reg­u­larly told I was a dreamer, and I should ‘grow up’ or ‘get real’.

Every­one else seemed fine with or­di­nary re­al­ity, so I started think­ing that there was some­thing wrong with me. Val­ium numbed that sen­sa­tion, which is why I took to it so quickly, but a few years later, when LSD and other min­dal­ter­ing sub­stances made ev­ery­thing I had dreamt of real, I saw that I had been right; the uni­verse truly was a mys­ti­cal, mag­i­cal place.

Drugs were my es­cape route, and drug-al­tered states fast be­came my pre­ferred re­al­ity. This is where I felt at home. But this was not be­cause any­thing went wrong for me, but rather be­cause 1970s sub­ur­ban Ger­many, with its em­pha­sis on ma­te­rial wealth, so­cial sta­tus, ex­ter­nal ap­pear­ances and its ob­ses­sion with what the neigh­bours thought, did not feel like home to me. The Daoists flagged this is­sue cen­turies back. They saw how be­liev­ing that the ma­te­rial or ac­quired world is all there is, leads to mis­ery and to ‘not feel­ing at home on earth.’ Ev­ery drug user I treat these days can re­late to this.

It is the same fun­da­men­tal long­ing for some­thing more than or­di­nary that makes them res­onate with drug states. All it takes is a line of coke, a happy pill or a joint and the most bor­ing chore in the most mun­dane place be­comes an amaz­ing mul­ti­di­men­sional ex­pe­ri­ence. You’re still ‘here’ in­ter­act­ing in the nor­mal world, but it doesn’t look or feel nor­mal any more. This feels right be­cause es­sen­tially, it is.

But keep us­ing drugs, and you drift from Dao; your ac­quired self be­comes stronger, as does the feel­ing of not be­ing at home on earth. The ac­quired re­sponse is to find some­one or some­thing to blame for your alien­ation and pain. I ended up with the an­ar­chists fight­ing street bat­tles against the po­lice and what we called ‘the es­tab­lish­ment.’ But what I was re­ally protest­ing against was the loss of my ac­cess to the mys­ti­cal.

The chi-cy­cle life­style is a bridge from the mun­dane to the mys­ti­cal. Re­sist the urge to give in, to live an ac­quired life and to take what seems to be the easy path. Do a daily chi prac­tice, fol­low the cy­cle and make find­ing your cos­mic self your pri­or­ity, and you can cross that bridge at will. Then you will al­ways know who you are and where you re­ally be­long. You will feel at home ev­ery­where: in your body, your home and com­mu­nity, on the planet and in the cos­mos. This is how re­al­ity should feel.

Soul evo­lu­tion

Find­ing your cos­mic self is ev­ery drug users’ re­spon­si­bil­ity. We usu­ally see the words drugs and ir­re­spon­si­bil­ity paired, but if you’ve taken drugs you have set some­thing sig­nif­i­cant in train and I be­lieve you have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to see it through. None of us are here on earth just for en­ter­tain­ment. Re­cre­ational drugs are pow­er­ful trans­for­ma­tional sub­stances, not a DIY fun-kit. Those of us that said ‘yes’ did not do so just to have fun. We ini­ti­ated a trans­for­ma­tional process and now it’s time to fol­low through.

The Daoists be­lieve that we are here to evolve our souls. This process be­gins with awak­en­ing to the fact that there is some­thing be­yond the phys­i­cal, fol­lowed by the de­sire to feel the con­nec­tion to this. You have this un­der­way be­cause you al­ready know that there is more than

nor­mal re­al­ity out there. You may have run into aliens, seen through walls or ex­pe­ri­enced telepa­thy. You un­der­stand that in­ex­pli­ca­ble things and in­vis­i­ble forces sur­round us. Your on­go­ing drug ex­pe­ri­ences were ev­i­dence of your de­sire to ex­plore and feel this. Now just switch meth­ods from drugs to chi prac­tices.

I’ve been re­ally push­ing do­ing a chi prac­tice be­cause, if you make your­self do this ev­ery day, one day you will find your­self want­ing to do it. Keep go­ing, and then you start hav­ing to do it. You will nat­u­rally shift from feel­ing chi, to con­sciously mov­ing and di­rect­ing chi. This is known as ‘chi cul­ti­va­tion’. This is the ul­ti­mate es­cape route.

You’re al­ready fa­mil­iar with this process. When you take a drug, as soon as it hits your sys­tem it’s – wow! You in­stantly take note of what is hap­pen­ing in­ter­nally, this is you ‘ dis­cov­er­ing’ chi. Danc­ing on ec­stasy, get­ting into the mu­sic, phon­ing all your friends, get­ting into sex, are all ver­sions of ‘ di­rect­ing’ or ‘cir­cu­lat­ing’ chi. You work with these feel­ings un­til you hit the zone where ev­ery­thing is flow­ing, and you don’t per­ceive your­self as a sep­a­rate en­tity any more; you per­ceive your­self via ev­ery­thing around you – the mu­sic, the peo­ple. You feel to­tally con­nected with all there is. Your sin­gu­lar aware­ness dis­solves into cos­mic aware­ness. The uni­verse re­shapes it­self around you. This is ex­actly the chi se­quence to pur­sue af­ter­wards, of dis­cov­er­ing, gath­er­ing, and di­rect­ing chi. Your chi prac­tice will then nat­u­rally take you to­wards the ul­ti­mate state of dis­solv­ing in chi. One day you will find you are no longer con­sciously mov­ing through the pos­tures and di­rect­ing chi flow, you have be­come it. You’ve spon­ta­neously shifted into a higher state and crossed the bridge to non-or­di­nary re­al­ity. Once you chase and crave chi states like you once craved drugs or al­co­hol, you have be­gun to live for your spirit as much as for the ma­te­rial world.

re­cov­ery, and start ap­ply­ing in­tel­lect and anal­y­sis, it takes the Dao, the cre­ative spon­tane­ity, out of the equa­tion. In­stead, con­tinue your quest by work­ing with the mys­ti­cal cos­mic forces, yin and yang and chi, and there are no lim­its.

Just trust that the mys­ti­cal world is as real as the ma­te­rial world; trust in your chi prac­tice, fol­low the chi-cy­cle re­cov­ery plan, and you will keep one foot in the mys­ti­cal and one in the ma­te­rial world. You will find your cos­mic self. This means you won’t get caught up in emo­tion­al­ity or right and wrong. You will be able to hold onto the pos­i­tives and see things as they re­ally are. You will un­der­stand why you took drugs. You will have no re­grets, feel no re­sent­ment and noth­ing will be un­re­solved. You will be fun­da­men­tally happy in ev­ery­thing you do, re­gard­less of out­comes. You will see that we are all in the same boat, and you will be­gin to feel for­tu­nate. This is true free­dom.

Your drug jour­ney might have bro­ken you down phys­i­cally, emo­tion­ally or spir­i­tu­ally, but if that be­comes the cat­a­lyst for you to dis­cover chi, cos­mi­cally re­con­nect through the chi cy­cle, and re­launch your mys­ti­cal quest, be for­ever grate­ful, be­cause ev­ery­thing is now in place for you to live hap­pily ever af­ter. ■

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