#3 Legs-up-the-wall (Sar­van­gasana vari­a­tion) – 5 min­utes

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This pose is one of the most beau­ti­ful ways to detox­ify the body and relieve tired or cramped legs. By rest­ing on your back with your legs up, the heart is given a chance to re­lax, the mind be­comes clearer and stress will be­gin to melt away. All the while you will be re­new­ing the blood and lymph drainage to the heart area. It is one of my per­sonal favourites when I need to just slow ev­ery­thing down.

Bring your hips close to the wall and swivel around un­til your but­tocks are pressed against the wall, legs are up and you’re rest­ing on your back. Your legs should be at 90 de­grees to your body. Gen­tly close your eyes and al­low your whole body to re­lax. You may like to cover your body with a blan­ket to keep warm. Stay here for 3-5 min­utes, main­tain­ing a con­scious aware­ness of your breath. For those who want to take it a lit­tle deeper, take your aware­ness to your heart­beat. While the name doesn’t sound so ap­peal­ing, Corpse Pose (Savasana) is the most im­por­tant of all yoga poses. This is a time when you can draw your at­ten­tion deeply in­ward to ex­plore the sub­tle sen­sa­tions within your body. To re­ally no­tice what your body feels and needs in the mo­ment. Slow breath­ing will calm the ner­vous sys­tem, lower blood pres­sure, and draw you into a state of deep rest.

Lie flat on your back with your legs ex­tended down the length of your mat and your feet softly fall­ing out to the sides. Let the whole body be heavy and com­pletely sup­ported by the earth be­low you. Keep your arms rest­ing at the side of your body with palms fac­ing the ceil­ing. Close your eyes and take a few mo­ments to scan the body for any ten­sion you may still be hold­ing on to. As you ex­hale, try to re­lease this ten­sion. Bring your aware­ness to your whole body, scan­ning from your toes all the way to the crown of your head, and con­sciously al­low each part of the body to re­lax. Stay in the po­si­tion for 3-5 min­utes.

If you take just a few mo­ments each day to prac­tise these poses you will con­tinue through the hol­i­day sea­son with a re­newed sense of calm and pres­ence. ■

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