Black dog

An­drea’s shamanic jour­ney re­veals the mo­ment of trauma in a dis­tant past that has trig­gered her cur­rent med­i­cal con­di­tion.

Living Now - - Metaphysics - By Raym Richards

Iam be­hind my client An­drea as she flees down a slop­ing sub­ter­ranean stone tun­nel il­lu­mi­nated only by the flick­er­ing torch held over­head by her ser­vant, pen­e­trat­ing the thick black­ness ahead of us. An­drea is fear­ful and ap­pre­hen­sive but I know she trusts the per­son lead­ing us. Without this fee­ble flame the ab­so­lute dark­ness would swal­low us and we would be ut­terly lost.

I do my best to help her un­der­stand what is hap­pen­ing without lead­ing her.

What are you wear­ing? I telepath as we hurry along.

She looks down at her body for the first time. A sheer white dress. It’s a shame to get it so dirty. Oh, my body is younger than it is now. This is an­other time, a long time ago. Why am I so fright­ened?

Let this play out and see what hap­pens…

There is an al­most im­per­cep­ti­ble shift in the thick dark­ness ahead as the dense coal black­ness gives way to a soft bluish grey. An open­ing at last — moon­light.

The older woman lead­ing the way turns and the torch­light il­lu­mi­nates a fleet­ing smile, which is not at all re­as­sur­ing. It barely masks the ter­ror con­cealed be­neath it. Still some dis­tance to travel, we hurry on. As soon as it is bright enough to see the floor and walls the torch is ex­tin­guished. Our guide steps out into clear night air and im­me­di­ately holds her hands wide and low, a uni­ver­sal sym­bol for STOP!

Too late. An­drea is now so close in her en­thu­si­asm to breathe fresh air that she knocks her ser­vant for­ward and they both stum­ble into the dap­pled moon­light. Ex­posed and vul­ner­a­ble they face the in­de­scrib­able half hu­man ap­pari­tion that awaits them.

An­drea sum­mons all her strength and steps for­ward in front of her ser­vant. “You have no busi­ness here. You serve ME. Be­gone!”

The chill­ing, snarling laugh emit­ted from the beast is stomach churn­ing. It eas­ily reaches over An­drea and snuffs out the life of her faith­ful ser­vant. The snap of her neck is quite au­di­ble in the quiet night. “You have be­trayed us and you will be pun­ished”; It barks.

An­drea is vis­it­ing me to get to the bottom of the en­dometrio­sis and ovar­ian cysts that are mak­ing her life a mis­ery. Apart from the con­stant pain she ex­pe­ri­ences, she feels that it is now or never in terms of con­ceiv­ing a child. This shamanic jour­ney has taken her into the core of her be­ing and re­vealed the mo­ment of trauma in the dis­tant past that trig­gered her med­i­cal con­di­tion now. In or­der to re­lease it she needs to un­der­stand it so we have trav­elled through time and space to ex­pe­ri­ence the life­time where it all be­gan.

An­drea’s body shows her where it all started, tak­ing her to the start of her past life ex­pe­ri­ence. She is trav­el­ling in a mag­nif­i­cent horse-drawn char­iot next to a hand­some man. They are dressed in sim­ple but very fine clothes, wear­ing heavy gold jew­ellery and makeup. An ador­ing crowd hails them as they pass through an an­cient city.

This man next to me he is… like a pharaoh.

He IS a pharaoh. I con­tain my own thoughts. She com­mands her body to re­turn us to the moon­lit night and her con­fronta­tion with the an­gry beast with the life­less form of her ser­vant, a pool of dark­ness be­hind her. Her past life self tries to brazen it out, at­tempt­ing to ex­ert her now ab­di­cated re­gal au­thor­ity over the crea­ture be­fore her.

I have never seen any­thing like this. What is this big black mus­cu­lar man with the head of a black dog?

Fo­cus on what is hap­pen­ing. I do not want to dis­tract her with ex­pla­na­tions but I know deal­ing with the An­cient Egyp­tian god Anu­bis will not be easy.

“By run­ning away from your duty you have aban­doned both your pharaoh and any ves­tige of power you thought you had. I do not serve YOU. It is the other way around. And now it is time for you to pay the price for your be­trayal.”

“I do not fear death.” An­drea feels the in­ner strength of her past life self, know­ing that her time has come.

“Death is the least of your con­cerns…”; the black man-dog snarls.

He rises to his full height and ex­tend­ing his pow­er­ful arms to­wards her he points at her midriff, pour­ing multi-coloured, writhing en­ergy into her womb.

“Hence­forth, you are cursed, never to bear chil­dren and to ex­pe­ri­ence womb pain in ev­ery in­car­na­tion from this point for­ward. Know­ing this to the core of your be­ing, now you may die!”

An­drea ex­pe­ri­ences the ter­ror of her own death, aware of what the fu­ture holds for her.

Un­do­ing the curse and ne­go­ti­at­ing with a re­cal­ci­trant an­cient god takes all my skills and some time, but even­tu­ally it is done and the curse is lifted.

A tear­ful An­drea voices that prom­ise and we com­plete the ses­sion re­turn­ing to this time­line, open­ing our eyes. “How will this af­fect my life?” “Nurture your­self and af­ter your reg­u­lar check up let me know what you doc­tor says. I am op­ti­mistic that you may now bear chil­dren.” n

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