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When I was young I some­times wished I could run away to the cir­cus. Did you ever wish that? I think it's a pop­u­lar dream – prob­a­bly be­cause so many of us try to find ways to 'es­cape re­al­ity', of­ten be­cause we haven't been taught how to truly BE with it! Well, you know there's that say­ing; ‘Care­ful what you wish for...' These days I find I have to pull off in­cred­i­ble jug­gling acts & jaw-drop­ping bal­anc­ing feats al­most ev­ery day! Of­ten it's just like be­ing part of a wild, un­ruly cir­cus! (An en­joy­able part of this anal­ogy is that I love wear­ing fun cos­tumes – & cir­cuses have plenty of them! )

Leav­ing the dress-ups aside from my mixed metaphors, I'm re­fer­ring to the way that, in busi­ness, I'm find­ing there is a huge amount of jug­gling & bal­anc­ing that I have to do. Do we in­clude more po­lit­i­cal con­tent or do we steer away from it? Shall we run a hard-edged en­vi­ron­men­tal story or do we stay light & fluffy? Is it bet­ter to call peo­ple for ad­ver­tis­ing or email them? Do I write vul­ner­a­bly in my ed­i­to­ri­als or do I keep a 'pro­fes­sional smoke­screen'?

Added to all that there are the hu­man in­ter­ac­tions that of­ten take im­mense bal­anc­ing skills: how do I be a fair, fun, ac­com­mo­dat­ing boss while main­tain­ing healthy bound­aries, ex­pec­ta­tions & re­spon­si­bil­i­ties with my staff?


Fur­ther into the per­sonal realms, the big­gest bal­anc­ing feat for me to ne­go­ti­ate: how do I know when to 'strive' & when to 'ac­cept'?!? When do I sit back to let things flow and when do I make a stand? Do you strug­gle with this bal­anc­ing act too?

Then there's the need for bal­ance be­tween work hours & play time. As if not hard enough at any time for some­one like me who leans to­wards worka­holism, this was *par­tic­u­larly* tricky for me to jug­gle this week­end just gone, as it was my beloved's 'sig­nif­i­cant' birth­day party! I tell you; get­ting to print af­ter hav­ing more than 90 peo­ple at my home over the week­end is an achieve­ment of mam­moth pro­por­tions!

This need for jug­gling and bal­anc­ing also goes on in life in gen­eral, too, of course; it's just that in the pub­lish­ing busi­ness things seem a lot more ex­posed! But that's ac­tu­ally part of why I took on the job; be­cause I be­lieve I'm brave enough to do what it takes AND show oth­ers as I'm go­ing along – ex­pos­ing both my mis­takes and my mag­nif­i­cence!


I've al­ways been in­ter­ested in how things work, and what makes peo­ple tick... I'd love to hear from you, won­der­ful Liv­ing­now com­mu­nity, in your suc­cesses and your strug­gles and your strengths. You can email us at: what­mat­ters@liv­ing­now.com.au – tell us if you'd like us to con­sider your ar­ti­cle for pub­lish­ing (or, if you'd just like to write in, that's fine too). I be­lieve it's im­por­tant for peo­ple's voices to be heard. In­deed, this is an as­pect that I find pleas­ing about the cur­rent pres­i­dent of Amer­ica be­ing in power; it's also giv­ing rise to all sorts of grass­roots move­ments. Many more peo­ple are tak­ing a closer look at what they may have been tak­ing for granted pre­vi­ously. More peo­ple are be­gin­ning to take a firmer stand for what they think is im­por­tant.

In many ways these are amaz­ing times, my friends! How are YOU go­ing about liv­ing a valu­able life? What are YOU do­ing to bring joy to those around you? How are YOU Liv­ing­now?

In ser­vice & grat­i­tude, Emma

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