Living Now - - Editorial - By Jan­ice Formichella, part of the edit­ing team for Liv­ing­now

As a pas­sion­ate, in­de­pen­dent, & highly fem­i­nine woman, my girl­friends have be­come a vi­tal as­pect of my ex­is­tence & I have found my­self with a cho­sen fam­ily that I would never want to live with­out.

I have more than a cir­cle of girl­friends; I have a fam­ily in th­ese women. I have friends who are sis­ters to me in the sense that they have made me aunt to their chil­dren & have me as a reg­u­lar mem­ber of fam­ily din­ners & ev­ery spe­cial oc­ca­sion. They are sis­ters to me in the sense that we mesh into each other’s days, weeks, & homes in a way that is nat­u­ral. The same sis­ters have acted as moth­ers to me in some mo­ments, fiercely pro­tect­ing & watch­ing over me with a care that you usu­ally only find from par­ents (if you’re lucky). We are sis­ters in that our re­la­tion­ships are not al­ways per­fect, & we ac­cept the rough edges & mis­takes that are made from time to time. We are aunts, moth­ers, chil­dren, sis­ters, & more, all lov­ing & sup­port­ing each other & the path we have cho­sen as free women.

The fem­i­nine bond that I share with th­ese friends means that we re­late & un­der­stand each other on an in­tu­itive level. Be­cause of our bond as sis­ters we will never leave each other. Hav­ing cho­sen paths in life that have tossed chal­lenges in our walk nearly ev­ery step of the way, we cel­e­brate each other.

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