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Are you feel­ing thrown around by life, lost at sea with­out a rud­der, look­ing for in­ner still­ness, peace and cer­tainty? Would you like to be still and cen­tred, calm and peace­ful within, no mat­ter what chaos is around you? How about be­ing guided by your wise self, your higher self, that’s easy to hear when there is still­ness within? Yes you can. En­ergy fol­lows aware­ness, so fo­cus on the still­ness and still­ness ex­pands to fill your aware­ness.


Pos­ture is es­sen­tial to op­ti­mise the oxy­gen flow through your body to nour­ish and heal, and to clear your mind. Un­cross your arms and legs, feet flat on the floor, shoul­ders gen­tly back, palms open and fac­ing up­ward. Now imag­ine a long sil­ver thread gen­tly pulling you up taller, and taller from your crown chakra way up through the clouds, length­en­ing your spine, al­low­ing more oxy­gen to flow freely. Take a deep belly breath in. No­tice the still­ness ex­pand within you. As you breathe out and re­lax com­pletely you will merge with the still­ness all around you. Re­mem­ber en­ergy fol­lows aware­ness; keep your fo­cus on the still­ness. If you no­tice any thoughts, just no­tice them, and come back to fo­cus on the still­ness of each breath in and out.


I started with 10 min­utes each morn­ing, then af­ter a few weeks, half an hour each morn­ing. It was easy be­cause ev­ery cell in my body was say­ing YES; I loved be­ing in the still­ness, feel­ing in­ner cer­tainty, clar­ity and peace. With con­sis­tency comes dis­ci­pline and dis­ci­pline brings free­dom. Set your­self free from the chaos of life and the chaos of your think­ing mind. Mas­ter the art of med­i­ta­tion into your daily life. My One Minute Med­i­ta­tion App will help you.


Free One Minute Med­i­ta­tions with Tracey ( (look for the dol­phin logo)) One Minute Love; One Minute Grat­i­tude; One Minute Peace of Mind; One Minute Mind­ful­ness; One Minute Still­ness; One Minute In­tu­ition; One Minute Self Heal­ing ... Plus over 30 free One Minute Med­i­ta­tion mp3’s and Zo­diac Sound Heal­ing. Still­ness Med­i­ta­tion with Tracey, CD or mp3, is a guided med­i­ta­tion with min­i­mal spo­ken words, sim­ply to prompt your fo­cus on the still­ness. Visit­sen­tial­ To­gether let us all cre­ate a fu­ture of peace and still­ness within, ac­cep­tance, grate­ful­ness, courage, con­fi­dence and uni­ver­sal love. Tracey Stranger, Mas­ter­ing In­ner Still­ness, au­thor, soul cen­tred astrologer, hyp­nother­a­pist. Gold Coast, Queens­land, Aus­tralia

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