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Tackle jobs in­volv­ing tools and ma­chin­ery; get phys­i­cal and sex­ual; take on new chal­lenges and risks; play sport/go on ad­ven­tures; com­pete/fight with oth­ers; be loud and proud! MOON IN TAU­RUS EARTH MOOD CALM, STA­BLE, SEN­SUAL, PRO­DUC­TIVE

Eat, drink, sleep, make love, en­joy life’s sen­sual plea­sures; look af­ter your money and fi­nances; get out in na­ture and the gar­den; fo­cus on se­cu­rity, com­fort and pam­per­ing your body; en­joy phys­i­cal work; lis­ten to mu­sic or visit an art gallery. MOON IN GEM­INI AIR MOOD IN­QUIS­I­TIVE, NER­VOUS, QUICK THINK­ING, EAS­ILY BORED

Get to­gether with friends and col­leagues; talk, net­work, share in­for­ma­tion, gos­sip; study, read, write, surf the net, make phone calls; hold meet­ings and brain­storm­ing ses­sions; en­joy arts, crafts, and mind games/puz­zles; get out and about in the lo­cal neigh­bour­hood. MOON IN CAN­CER WA­TER MOOD SEN­TI­MEN­TAL, EMO­TIONAL, LOV­ING, NURTUR ING

Spend time at home with close fam­ily; hang out with chil­dren and pets; en­joy cook­ing and food prepa­ra­tion; lie in the bath or visit a spa; rem­i­nisce about the past or visit a mu­seum; en­joy tak­ing care of oth­ers. MOON IN LEO FIRE MOOD CON­FI­DENT, CRE­ATIVE, WARM, HIGH SPIR­ITED

Dress up and strut your stuff; en­joy par­ty­ing, en­ter­tain­ing, and so­cial­is­ing with friends; per­form and show off your skills and prow­ess; make time for love, fun, ro­mance and ex­trav­a­gance; go to the theatre, movies or a con­cert. MOON IN VIRGO EARTH MOOD PRAC­TI­CAL, OR­GAN­ISED, EF­FI­CIENT, HELP­FUL

Clean and tidy the house, shed, gar­den; shop for ne­ces­si­ties rather than lux­u­ries; do any task that re­quires at­ten­tion to de­tail; go for a health treat­ment or mas­sage; help a friend, neigh­bour, or fam­ily mem­ber. MOON IN LI­BRA AIR MOOD CO­OP­ER­A­TIVE, RO­MAN­TIC, IN­CLU­SIVE, ARTIS­TIC

Dec­o­rate or beau­tify your home; spend time with or pro­pose to the one you love; re­solve con­flicts and build al­liances; buy new clothes, shoes and ac­ces­sories; seek out beauty, art, mu­sic and cul­ture MOON IN SCOR­PIO WA­TER MOOD IN­TENSE, IN­VES­TIGA­TIVE, PRI­VATE, PAS­SION­ATE

Visit a coun­sel­lor or psy­chol­o­gist; spend time alone pro­cess­ing your feel­ings; en­joy pas­sion­ate sex with some­one you love deeply; check your su­per­an­nu­a­tion and in­vest­ments; re­pair, re­store, re­place, and fix bro­ken things; do re­search; in­ves­ti­gate the darker side of life… MOON IN SAGIT­TAR­IUS FIRE MOOD AD­VEN­TUR­OUS, BROAD MINDED, FREE­DOM LOV­ING Do some­thing ad­ven­tur­ous and fun; go camp­ing or on a road trip with friends; read to learn about new ideas and ex­pand your mind; seek out new peo­ple and places; play sport and en­joy time out­doors; learn a new lan­guage or plan an over­seas trip. MOON IN CAPRI­CORN EARTH MOOD PRAC­TI­CAL, CON­SER­VA­TIVE, HARD HEADED, AM­BI­TIOUS

Ap­ply for a pro­mo­tion, pay rise, or new po­si­tion; han­dle le­gal and gov­ern­ment mat­ters; ful­fil fam­ily and com­mu­nity obli­ga­tions; mon­i­tor your fi­nances, tax, and su­per­an­nu­a­tion; hold long term plan­ning and business meet­ings. MOON IN AQUAR­IUS AIR MOOD REVO­LU­TION­ARY, HU­MAN­I­TAR­IAN, FREE THINK­ING, IN­VEN­TIVE

Do some­thing out of the or­di­nary; mix with free think­ing and al­ter­na­tive peo­ple; join a so­cial or hu­man­i­tar­ian cause; fix the com­puter or buy tech­ni­cal gad­gets;vol­un­teer for a char­ity or com­mu­nity group. MOON IN PISCES WA­TER MOOD MED­I­TA­TIVE, PEACE­FUL, FAN­TASY PRONE, CRE­ATIVE

Day­dream, pray, med­i­tate, and tune out; prac­tice kind­ness to those in need;lis­ten to mu­sic or visit an art gallery; go for a mas­sage or lie in a warm bath; en­joy a bot­tle of wine or lie-in with your part­ner.

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