| Viet­nam vet­eran

Raym’s client is a Viet­nam vet­eran ready to put his demons to rest. His shamanic jour­ney un­cov­ers more than he believes is pos­si­ble.

Living Now - - Contents - by Raym Richards

It is dark, re­ally dark. We are qui­etly creep­ing through dense jun­gle, in sin­gle file, next to a fast flow­ing river. Malar­ial mos­qui­tos whine close to our faces. Our way ahead is il­lu­mi­nated only by starlight. I can feel the fear em­a­nat­ing from Mark, whose stom­ach is cramp­ing as he grits his teeth, hold­ing back the evac­u­a­tion of his wa­tery bow­els. His re­con­nais­sance pa­trol is be­hind en­emy lines and ev­ery cell of his be­ing wants out.

This is not as I re­mem­ber it, he telepaths. Not what I ex­pected. I hurt peo­ple, but not here.

– This is where your body has taken us when you com­manded it to show where your trauma started. The other things you think are im­por­tant are not. Re­ally? – What hap­pened here? Truly...i don't ac­tu­ally re­call. – Then let's al­low this to play out…

The sol­dier in front touches Mark and he passes the sig­nal back. ‘Stop. Pre­pare to cross the creek’, the touch con­veys. The lo­cal in the very front knows the way, but the river looks too fast and deep for an easy ford. His mates have told him there are crocs in there, and the area they're in is crawl­ing with Vi­et­cong.

Oh shit! As he en­ters the water his bow­els fi­nally give out and his whole body gives way to ab­ject ter­ror. Will some­body get me out of there? His tele­pathic cry for help screams out across the uni­verse, so loud he even thinks he may be scream­ing. And then it hap­pens… Mark is a heavy-set man who would have been mus­cu­lar in his prime. Now his mus­cles are soft and his once firm belly sags. He has the washed out, limp, pasty, slightly va­cant look of some­one who has been on med­i­ca­tion for too long. I ask why he has come to see me.

“I did ter­ri­ble things…” His voice trem­bles as he re­calls his ac­tiv­i­ties as a con­script in a hot and steamy war that no­body re­ally wanted and whose he­roes were never truly thanked. I can see his mind is play­ing and re­play­ing events he had no con­trol over, in­ter­nal­is­ing and re­peat­ing guilt and re­morse from his for­ever-tar­nished youth. Mark was one of the many un­lucky young civil­ians drafted when his birth­day was drawn in the con­script bal­lots dur­ing the Viet­nam War.

The Aus­tralian govern­ment, con­cerned that the con­flict might desta­bilise the re­gion and af­fect its in­ter­ests in Malaysia, In­done­sia, and Pa­pua New Guinea, could see that its small stand­ing army would not be enough for the grow­ing con­flict be­ing fuelled by its North Amer­i­can ally. So the young 20-some­thing man that Mark was, who had zero in­ter­est in be­ing a sol­dier, found him­self kit­ted out af­ter ba­sic train­ing, trav­el­ling to a place he had never heard of to fight peo­ple he had no ar­gu­ment with, whose pol­i­tics were ac­tu­ally not too far from his own.

I can see Mark is about to start a long di­a­logue and I re­alise the best thing is to get him ly­ing in the crys­tal man­dala im­me­di­ately, rather than re­gur­gi­tate what he has been through many times with army ther­a­pists and vet­eran sup­port groups. He has come to see me for a shamanic jour­ney, not an­other ther­apy ses­sion.

The process be­gins and I travel with him into his present life's past, where we find our­selves shuf­fling through the mud next to a crocodile-in­fested creek. It is cru­cial that Mark have a clear re­call and un­der­stand­ing of what hap­pens next…

Some­thing is hap­pen­ing. I feel the fear eas­ing. – Why? Some­thing is com­fort­ing me, of­fer­ing me suc­cour. – You must ex­am­ine it. Why? It’s work­ing. My fear is eas­ing. – This is the key to your de­pres­sion. It's why you came to see me; to find it.

I don’t want to. It’s not happy you are here.

Raym’s shamanic heal­ing tech­nique Crys­tal Dream­ing™ in­volves clients ac­cess­ing a safely ex­panded sate of con­scious­ness by lay­ing in a man­dala of crys­tals. In this state, present life chal­lenges are tracked to their source in other times, places and re­al­i­ties. Their res­o­lu­tion has im­me­di­ate ef­fect on this here and now.

– Okay. Let’s step into no time-space away from this im­me­di­ate trauma and in­vite it to step for­ward.

Mark does so, with some trep­i­da­tion, and the source of all his woes is re­vealed and it is big.

Oh no…

I take a breath. In my busi­ness we deal with ev­ery kind of en­tity but the deal Mark made to be less afraid in Viet­nam has led to this be­ing feed­ing off him and per­pet­u­at­ing his de­pres­sion ever since.

I greet it for­mally and po­litely. We are hon­oured to fi­nally meet you. Thank you for help­ing Mark.

Is this real? Can this truly be a de­mon? More than that. This is a mother de­mon, the big­gest and mean­est of them all.

– Please give me per­mis­sion to speak on your be­half. Of course. – Thank you for teach­ing Mark his lim­i­ta­tions. He has learnt all he needs to know about fear and de­pres­sion. Your ser­vice is com­plete and your con­tract ful­filled, you may leave now. Thank you.

I telepath Mark. Be still, be neu­tral, do not say a word. Trust me. She can­not stay here with­out your per­mis­sion.

I ex­pect a drawn out ne­go­ti­a­tion, with threats and abuse, but I have dealt with her kind be­fore, and she knows it. She fo­cuses on Mark. You want this?

Mark is quick on the up­take. Thank you, I re­lease you. Our agree­ment is com­plete.

I hope he does not say more and for­tu­nately he doesn't.

She turns to leave, ad­dress­ing me. I

will see you later. Im­pu­dent wretch.

Mark quickly says out loud af­ter me, “You may not re­turn with­out my con­scious, writ­ten per­mis­sion. So be it.”

Mark com­plies. Free of neg­a­tive at­tach­ments, I now guide Mark to a place where he may meet those who love him un­con­di­tion­ally.

A cheer­ful, cheeky 16th cen­tury Span­ish sol­dier wear­ing a steel hel­met steps for­ward and em­braces him. Brother, it has been a long time! You are free now.

We go through pro­to­cols to en­sure that the man is truly his spirit guide and I give them time to re­con­nect. It is an emo­tional re­union.

I no­tice dur­ing their chat the Span­ish sol­dier dou­bling up with laugh­ter as Mark looks to­tally askance.

The jour­ney ends with me en­sur­ing they have a way to re­con­nect out­side of the crys­tal man­dala, with­out my pres­ence.

Open­ing his eyes Mark wipes his tears and looks at me with to­tal dis­be­lief. “You could not make this stuff up! Un­be­liev­able!”

– “Please be­lieve it, your de­pres­sion stops today. If you choose.”

“I get it. I am ready for that. I do be­lieve but… wow.”

– “What was the big joke with your friend?”

“Oh – he told me my mates in 'Nam were hav­ing me on – the crocs in that part of the world are fright­ened by peo­ple!” – “Very funny.” “And you? That mother de­mon was not happy. What did it mean ‘see you later’?”

– “She will visit me tonight in or­der to ter­rify me, but I will be ready.” “Rather you than me.” – “All part of the ser­vice.” I smile as I es­cort a trans­formed man from my heal­ing space. n

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Raym is a shaman and teacher of teach­ers. He teaches his Crys­tal Dream­ing™ tech­nique world­wide and takes an­nual tours of sa­cred sites in the UK. More true sto­ries in his new book Spirit World.

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