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High up in the Ecuado­rian jun­gle, a tree­house perches on the edge of a canyon. The Casa de Ar­bol is ac­tu­ally a seis­mic ob­ser­va­tion sta­tion built to keep an eye on Tun­gu­rahua, the ac­tive vol­cano. Yet it’s the crude swing, a plank sus­pended by two ropes hang­ing from a tree branch, that at­tracts dare­devil visi­tors. There are no safety fea­tures – no har­ness, no net – so those who choose to push off over the canyon take their lives into their own hands. The re­ward? A head-spin­ning view of the canyon floor and per­haps a glimpse of an erupt­ing vol­cano as you swing over its lip. The swing is 6½ miles up a steep, wind­ing moun­tain road from the nearby town of Baños.

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