South­east France

CRÊPES SUZETTE (Flam­béed crêpes with or­ange but­ter sauce)

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The creation of crêpes suzette is one of French gas­tron­omy’s most fa­mous tales. The most pop­u­lar story goes that in 1895, the Prince of Wales was dining at the Café de Paris in Monte Carlo, but things didn’t go to plan. The restau­rant’s cur­rent head chef Franck La­fon ex­plains: ‘The chef wanted to cre­ate a spe­cial dessert, but when he poured the al­co­hol into the pan, it burst into flames. The Prince re­ally liked it and asked what it was called. The chef cre­ated a name and said, “Princely crêpes”. The Prince, as he was there with his girl­friend, said, “We’ll call them crêpes Suzette”.’ On the dish it­self, Franck adds: ‘The se­cret is to have good prod­ucts: good or­anges, Grand Marnier and good but­ter. You can’t do a “light” ver­sion!’

At Café de Paris, where Franck La­fon (above) is head chef, crèpes Suzette are al­ways flam­béed by the waiter, thus cre­at­ing a gas­tro­nomic spec­ta­cle 73

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