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Foun­da­tion Pa­per Piec­ing de­signs are con­structed from sev­eral smaller pieces to build a big­ger de­sign. Those smaller pieces are la­belled with num­bers, which you sew to­gether in nu­mer­i­cal or­der.

When you are sewing, you will sew along the printed lines – the FPP tem­plate will face you right side up and the fab­ric that you will sew onto it will be right side down, with its wrong side against the back of the tem­plate. The fin­ished sewn block will be a re­verse im­age of the tem­plate. In this tech­nique fo­cus, we are go­ing to use the Heart block from Row 1 as an ex­am­ple, but the steps will be the same for any FPP tem­plate. One way to pre­vent your­self from cut­ting fab­ric too small is print­ing out an ex­tra pa­per tem­plate, cut­ting the pieces out and us­ing them as tem­plates for cut­ting out your fab­ric, adding the seam al­lowance around each piece.



Start by find­ing Sections 1 and 2 on the pa­per tem­plate and tak­ing the fab­ric pieces for each sec­tion. For this tem­plate, Sec­tion 1 is a back­ground fab­ric square and Sec­tion 2 is a print fab­ric square.


Hold up your tem­plate against a light source – win­dows are great for this! The right side of the pa­per needs to be fac­ing you. Take the back­ground fab­ric square and hold it to the wrong side of the pa­per tem­plate, with the wrong side of the fab­ric touch­ing the pa­per and the right side of the fab­ric fac­ing the light source. Hold it against the win­dow to make sure that the fab­ric cov­ers all of the pa­per square and has at least ¼in seam al­lowance all around. Pin in place (Fig A). 4

Place the Sec­tion 2 fab­ric RST with the Sec­tion 1 fab­ric, align­ing the raw edges on the side where Sections 1 and 2 meet. Pin in place along the line be­tween the two sections. Now you can fold back the Sec­tion 2 fab­ric and check that once sewn, it will cover Sec­tion 2 com­pletely, in­clud­ing the ¼in seam al­lowance on all edges (Fig B).


Set the stitch length on your sewing ma­chine so that it is smaller than usual. Susi rec­om­mends 1.5. This will make it eas­ier to re­move the tem­plates later, as your nee­dle will per­fo­rate the pa­per as you sew. Sew along the line on the tem­plate

be­tween Sections 1 and 2, back­stitch­ing at both ends to se­cure (Fig C).


Fold back the print fab­ric and make sure that it cov­ers all of Sec­tion 2 with a in seam al­lowance all round (Fig D). Then fold back the tem­plate on the seam to ex­pose the seam al­lowance. Trim it to ap­prox 1/8in. Press the print fab­ric to­wards Sec­tion 2 (Fig E). 7

Re­peat steps 4–6 to piece the re­main­ing sections on the tem­plate, work­ing in nu­mer­i­cal or­der (Figs F–H).


Trim the pieced block along the dashed outer edge of the pa­per tem­plate.


Re­move the tem­plate to com­plete one Heart block (Fig I).

Mix and match the print fab­rics within each row

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