As we be­gin to look for­ward to Christ­mas fes­tiv­i­ties, colour guru Re­becca Bryan is get­ting ex­cited about revved-up fes­tive pal­ettes that are ideal for mak­ing up-to-date heir­loom projects…

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With Christ­mas just over the next hori­zon, Re­becca Bryan is dab­bling with tra­di­tional and con­tem­po­rary fes­tive colour pal­ettes

Putting a fresh twist on your sea­sonal makes can be a chal­lenge, but that makes it all the more fun. Join me in se­lect­ing the per­fect colour com­bos to in­spire all your Christ­mas quilt­ing.

Mod­ern Tra­di­tional

In my mem­ory, these are the tra­di­tional colours of Christ­mas: a dark fir-tree green, a rusty red, and a neu­tral burlap-y beige. To be hon­est, these colours don’t re­ally ex­cite me. I’m not moved to cre­ate any­thing when I look at these colours. We’ve seen them all a thou­sand times. In­stead, I’d like to take the tra­di­tional pal­ette and brighten it up with some mod­ern flair. Hope­fully, we’ll see some colours that drive us to cre­ate.

To start, I’m go­ing to lay out some deep reds and greens that speak to me. These are no more than colours that grab my eye. I’m not wor­ried about get­ting ‘the right’ colours at this point. This is just a rough draft to get the feel for the pal­ette.

I ex­per­i­mented by adding blue into the mix, but the re­sult looks a bit too sum­mery. I’ll re­move those blues and stick with the greens.

My next step is to nar­row down the reds. I have quite a few reds and sev­eral are do­ing the same job, so I don’t need them all. I like the spicy warmth of the Cayenne and the drama of the Gar­net and Wine. These three reds re­ally set off the greens very nicely.

My fi­nal step is to re­move the pink, mainly be­cause now that I’ve got my colours fairly sorted, I think the pink looks too sweet. Also, there’s too much fric­tion be­tween the pink and the green. I’m go­ing to opt for the very pale Shell in­stead. The fi­nal pal­ette looks pretty close to what I en­vi­sion a tra­di­tional hol­i­day

pal­ette but I’ve added depth and di­men­sion to the fi­nal ver­sion.

For­est Hues

This combo builds on the pre­vi­ous pal­ette by widen­ing the range of greens. In­stead of two greens, I now have four. The greens I’ve picked are re­ally close in hue (they’re all blue-green) but the value changes. I’ve got light to medium val­ues. I de­cided against a re­ally high vol­ume, sat­u­rated green be­cause I wanted to keep the pal­ette light. The lone red, Poppy, re­ally stands out hap­pily against the greens.

Let’s see what hap­pens when we add a bit of tex­ture to the neu­tral. Yes! That looks great. We’ve just split the neu­tral into two neu­trals, but by do­ing this, we re­ally soften up the pal­ette. And it feels more mod­ern to me. This colour combo is sim­ple, but el­e­gant. It would make a cheery Christ­mas quilt for sure.

Win­ter Shim­mer

Though I love all things colour­ful, I do ap­pre­ci­ate a neu­tral pal­ette, es­pe­cially when shine is in­volved. I’m imagining mag­nif­i­cent ev­er­green trees dusted with snow while inside is nice and cosy with lots of soft white lights, nat­u­ral tex­tures, plus, sil­ver and gold.

I’m opt­ing for the larger range of green colours with this pal­ette. Note there are a cou­ple dif­fer­ent shades of green this time. The Zuc­chini warms up the greens while the Ce­ladon qui­ets the over­all pal­ette. A white cloth quilt would be lovely, but so would a star-themed quilt made from this pal­ette of sil­ver and gold. I think adding fab­rics with li­nen and metal­lic hints would be su­perb!

Retro Toys

And for our last colour pal­ette I have to go back to colour­ful! I love the fun playful colours in retro toys. These colours would make for a fun tree skirt on any Christ­mas tree. My grand­mother made a tree skirt in these colours us­ing felt and se­quins. This year I kinda feel the need to make one just like hers.

Ok, who’s ready for the hol­i­days?! Haha, don’t worry I’m only jok­ing. You still have plenty of time!

Once I've cho­sen my pal­ette, I move on to mak­ing an ac­tual fab­ric bun­dle. I like to think of these pal­ettes as liv­ing doc­u­ments. With that in mind, I feel free to let the colours adapt to my fab­ric stash or my latest fab­ric pur­chase. On that note, be sure to visit my blog – each month I choose a pal­ette from my col­umn and build a fab­ric pull from the colours. It’s been in­ter­est­ing to see how the fab­ric com­bos take shape and how the colour pal­ette changes as I pick out prints.

If you cre­ate a fab­ric bun­dle us­ing these pal­ettes, we'd love to see it! Tag pics with #LPQColourPalettes


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