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Okay, so my house­hold pur­chased its first non-Ap­ple tablet de­vice; a 7-inch Kin­dle Fire HDX. It’s ac­tu­ally not that bad. It’s far cheaper than an iPad mini for use as a ‘sec­ond tablet’.

The Fire OS is very easy to use; it’s like be­ing trapped be­hind a tod­dler gate while the grown-ups are hav­ing a party, but you can still do pretty much ev­ery­thing you want to do – email, Twit­ter, Plants vs Zom­bies…

This pre­sents a prob­lem for Ap­ple. Why should people keep on pay­ing a pre­mium for Ap­ple tablets when the com­pe­ti­tion now makes ‘good enough’ prod­ucts that are dra­mat­i­cally cheaper? It seems one of the key dif­fer­en­tia­tors that Ap­ple sees for its fu­ture is pri­vacy. We all know Google has a poor track record on pri­vacy – its whole busi­ness model

Us­ing Fire OS is like be­ing a trapped be­hind a tod­dler gate while the grown-ups are hav­ing a party

is about find­ing out as much about you as it can, so it can sell you stuff. In iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Duck­DuckGo (the search en­gine that doesn’t store info about you) is be­ing built into the Sa­fari browser, and iOS 8 has ex­panded con­trol over lo­ca­tion ser­vices, and even ran­domises your iPhone’s MAC ad­dress when con­nect­ing to a Wi-Fi net­work, to pre­vent you be­ing tar­geted by lo­ca­tion trackers in stores.

These sorts of dif­fer­en­tia­tors only mat­ter if we care about our pri­vacy, but most people don’t seem to. Per­haps it’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore the in­va­sive­ness of some ser­vices start to re­ally im­pinge upon our lives. It looks like Ap­ple is po­si­tion­ing it­self as the pre­mium-priced al­ter­na­tive to all that.

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