We are livin’ in a cross-plat­form world

Mac Format - - WWDC 2014 -

Ap­ple might have been coy about or down­right dis­mis­sive of cross-com­pat­i­bil­ity with Win­dows in the past, but re­cently – and cer­tainly in this key­note – Win­dows was men­tioned like it was no big deal. iCloud Drive? Yup, that works with Win­dows. Mail Drop, which lets you send files up to 5GB in size over email? Yeah, that works with Win­dows and other plat­forms, too. You could ar­gue Ap­ple has em­braced its po­si­tion in the in­dus­try like never be­fore (Win­dows still rules in terms of in­stall base, but Ap­ple is happy with its lu­cra­tive, classy au­di­ence of users which, while small in per­cent­age terms is still huge in raw num­bers), and so doesn’t feel threat­ened like it used to. Or it could be that it’s a purely prag­matic move; we all have to deal with people us­ing a broad range of de­vices and plat­forms, so can’t we all just get along? The mes­sage seems to be: Ap­ple will make us­ing your com­puter as pleas­ant and stress-free as pos­si­ble, and it will do the hard work to smooth in­com­pat­i­bil­i­ties with other plat­forms so you don’t have to.

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