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Printer man­u­fac­tur­ers will only ever guar­an­tee best re­sults if you use their own orig­i­nal ink in each de­vice. Why? It’s tempt­ing to claim that they just want to sell more ink (which may be partly true), but the full story is far more prac­ti­cal.

Us­ing ‘of­fi­cial’ inks means that the ex­act tones of cyan, ma­genta and yel­low within the print head match those coded into the printer driver. As a re­sult, the printer knows the pre­cise quan­ti­ties of each tone to lay down within each spot on the page to ex­actly match the orig­i­nal colours in your im­age. It’s tempt­ing to save money by buy­ing ‘com­pat­i­ble’ inks – es­pe­cially if you only oc­ca­sion­ally print pho­tos – but even the black ink can look dif­fer­ent when sourced from third-party sup­pli­ers, so shop with care.

Use photo paper for ev­ery­thing other than draft test prints. The rea­son you should do this is be­cause it’s heav­ier and there­fore fre­quently less ab­sorbent than of­fice paper. This al­lows the ink to dry on the sur­face for a crisper, brighter re­sult, rather than soak­ing too deep into the weave where it will spread through the fi­bres and dull the edges.

Spec­ify the paper you’re us­ing in the Me­dia and Qual­ity sec­tion of the OS X print di­a­log so it knows how much ink it can lay down with­out sat­u­rat­ing the page (if you can’t find this, click Show De­tails to ex­tend the di­a­log). Also, where pos­si­ble, use branded paper to match your printer and ink be­cause all three will have been en­gi­neered to work to­gether. It might seem like a con­ve­nient mar­ket­ing ploy, but it will ben­e­fit your print­outs.

Print­ers that tell you to buy their own ink aren’t just do­ing it to squeeze ev­ery last penny out of you! (Well, they are partly…)

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