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When post­ing an im­age on­line, you’ll shrink it and re­duce the level of de­tail. The for­mer makes de­tails harder to dis­cern while the lat­ter smudges sim­i­lar tones so that it has to ac­count for fewer changes in the im­age. The re­sults? Smaller files that down­load quickly and use less disk space.

Counter these ef­fects by boost­ing your shots’ sharp­ness, con­trast and de­tail us­ing the slid­ers in iPhoto, Aper­ture and iPhoto. In­crease the de­tail in Pho­to­shop and other lay­ers-based im­age edit­ing apps by du­pli­cat­ing the im­age on a new layer above the orig­i­nal and ap­ply­ing the High Pass fil­ter. Set the blend mode to hard light and use the opac­ity con­trol to tem­per its strength. Crop your im­age to re­move any sur­plus ar­eas ( C in Pho­to­shop); if you know what size it will be dis­played, use the re­size di­a­log ( ç+I in PS) to re­duce its di­men­sions. Fi­nally, use your im­age edi­tor’s Save for Web fea­ture to re­duce the file size, keep­ing a close eye for any noise and degra­da­tion.

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