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1 Start Re­cov­ery Mode

To start Re­cov­ery from your Mac’s in­ter­nal stor­age, hold ç+R at the startup chime. To start it from an ex­ter­nal drive, hold

å in­stead and, when a list of avail­able startup vol­umes ap­pears, choose the one with an ex­ter­nal drive icon and ‘Re­cov­ery’ in its la­bel.

2 In­ter­net Re­cov­ery

If a Re­cov­ery par­ti­tion isn’t avail­able, hold­ing ç+R starts In­ter­net Re­cov­ery (on mod­els re­leased since OS X Lion, and some ear­lier mod­els – see sup­port.ap­ HT4904). This shows a globe and a progress bar while your ver­sion of OS X is down­loaded.

3 OS X Util­i­ties

When Re­cov­ery fin­ishes load­ing, it dis­plays a list of four com­monly needed tasks. ‘Get Help On­line’ opens the Sa­fari web browser. If your Mac uses Wi-Fi to get on­line, use the Wi-Fi icon at the top right to en­sure it’s con­nected to your usual net­work.

4 Get Help On­line

You can use this ver­sion of Sa­fari to browse and re­search your prob­lem by vis­it­ing sup­port.ap­, to look more broadly with a search en­gine, and to browse to ap­ uk/re­tail to book a Ge­nius Bar ap­point­ment for pro­fes­sional help at an Ap­ple re­tail store.

5 Disk prob­lems

If OS X won’t start, choose Disk Util­ity be­fore re­sort­ing to more dras­tic op­tions and check your Mac’s drive is shown in the app’s left pane. Se­lect the row that shows disk ca­pac­ity for op­tions to ver­ify data and at­tempt to re­pair struc­tural prob­lems.

6 Re­store back­ups

If you haven’t ex­cluded sys­tem fold­ers from your back­ups, your Mac can be re­stored to an ear­lier state. Choose this op­tion, iden­tify your backup disk, pick an ear­lier state from the list, and fol­low the prompts to re­store it your startup disk. This can take a while.

7 Re­in­stall OS X

This op­tion down­loads your cur­rent ver­sion of OS X and in­stalls it over any ex­ist­ing copy, re­tain­ing your files and set­tings. This can fix dam­age to the sys­tem. The down­load is sev­eral gi­ga­bytes, so it can take quite a while over slower in­ter­net con­nec­tions.

8 Re­set a pass­word

If some­one for­gets their ac­count pass­word, choose Util­i­ties > Ter­mi­nal. Type re­set pass­word into that app and press ® . In the next win­dow, se­lect your startup disk, se­lect the ac­count from the list, type a new pass­word into the boxes and press Save.

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