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Q I’ve just switched from an iMac to a Mac mini as a cheaper up­grade. A big part of the sav­ings was the abil­ity to use a cheaper mon­i­tor – a 27-inch Sam­sung LCD. How­ever, the text is blurry and no changes in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences seem to help. I have tried the mon­i­tor on a PC and it looks fine. Gra­ham Lewis A There are lots of rea­sons why you might get a blurry im­age. The two most com­mon are that the mon­i­tor is over- or un­der-scan­ning (there’ll be an op­tion for this in the mon­i­tor’s own menu) and font smooth­ing (try typ­ing de­faults -cur­ren­tHost write -global-Do­main Ap­ple-Font-Smooth­ing -int 2 in Ter­mi­nal, then log out and back in). There’s an­other pos­si­bil­ity. Ap­ple’s Dis­playPort uses the YCbCr colour en­cod­ing scheme by de­fault, and this can look weird on some mon­i­tors. You can fix it by run­ning a script to con­vince OS X the mon­i­tor only sup­ports RGB. Down­load the script at em­b­­tach­ment/168316/ patch-edid.rb and type ruby patch-edid.rb in Ter­mi­nal. This cre­ates a folder in your home folder. Move this into /Sys­tem/ Li­brary/Dis­plays/Over­rides and restart.

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