How to in­stall Yosemite cor­rectly

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Three op­tions await for in­stalling OS X Yosemite. The first is to in­stall over OS X Mav­er­icks. This has the ad­van­tage of forc­ing you to use Yosemite on a daily ba­sis, but it’s risky (and reck­less on a crit­i­cal work ma­chine), since beta soft­ware can be buggy.

If you’re dead-set on it, we strongly rec­om­mend tak­ing at least one full clone of your pre-Yosemite Mac to an ex­ter­nal drive, us­ing Su­per-Duper! or Car­bon Copy Cloner. Boot from it to check ev­ery­thing works, and this will pro­vide an es­cape route if you find soft­ware com­pat­i­bil­ity is­sues when us­ing Yosemite.

The other op­tions are safer, and in­volve fresh in­stalls to a par­ti­tion on your Mac’s in­ter­nal drive or to an ex­ter­nal drive. A dis­ad­van­tage is you’ll have to boot into Yosemite to use it; but in keep­ing ev­ery­thing iso­lated, your ex­ist­ing data should re­main safe.

Which fresh-in­stall op­tion you go for de­pends on the kit you have avail­able. Mav­er­icks needs a min­i­mum of 15GB of space, but it’s rec­om­mended you have about 50GB for prop­erly test­ing it. If you’ve a spa­cious and some­what empty main drive in your Mac, you can cre­ate a new par­ti­tion in Disk Util­ity. The process is non­de­struc­tive and safe, but we nonethe­less rec­om­mend back­ing-up/cloning your Mac first, just in case. When you’ve done that, se­lect your drive in Disk Util­ity, click Par­ti­tion, se­lect the main par­ti­tion, and click the ‘+’. Choose an ap­pro­pri­ate size for your Yosemite par­ti­tion and click Ap­ply. When Yosemite is fully re­leased, you can delete this ‘test’ par­ti­tion to re­cover the space.

Ex­ter­nal drives can be slower and not give a real­is­tic im­pres­sion of the OS run­ning on them in terms of per­for­mance. How­ever, Thun­der­bolt and USB 3.0 drives should be fast enough, and all ex­ter­nal drives are easy to wipe clean once Yosemite ships. If you’re us­ing a new drive, for­mat it in Disk Util­ity, us­ing the GUID Par­ti­tion Ta­ble set­ting un­der Op­tions in the Par­ti­tion tab.

The process for in­stal­la­tion is as per re­cent ver­sions of OS X: dou­ble-click the in­staller app, fol­low the in­struc­tions and wait. If you go for a fresh in­stall, you se­lect which sys­tem to boot into via Startup Disk in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences; al­ter­na­tively, hold å dur­ing start-up to ac­cess Startup Man­ager and choose a vol­ume to boot from.

Disk Util­ity can non-de­struc­tively make a new par­ti­tion.

In­stalling to a sep­a­rate drive or par­ti­tion is a safe op­tion.

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