A handy tool that in­stantly and eas­ily shares video from Mac to Ap­ple TV

Mac Format - - RATED | MAC APPS - $15 (about £10) De­vel­oper Tupil, OS OS X 10.9 or later Re­quires Ap­ple TV

Beamer is a util­ity that aims to make shar­ing video from your Mac to an Ap­ple TV easy. Of course, screen shar­ing from a Mac to an Ap­ple TV is al­ready an op­tion in Mac OS X, but Beamer makes it eas­ier and in Full HD qual­ity with sup­port for 5.1 sur­round sound.

Fire up Beamer and it of­fers a small win­dow onto which you sim­ply drag video files. You can drop mul­ti­ple files on the win­dow to cre­ate a playlist, and if you have more than one Ap­ple TV, you can choose which one to beam the video to.

Beamer sup­ports all the ma­jor file for­mats you’re likely to come across. It won’t play copy-pro­tected con­tent, but can stream a VOB file that’s been ripped to a hard disk.

The best thing about Beamer is its speed and sim­plic­ity – drag and drop, and video is play­ing through Ap­ple TV within sec­onds. You can even use the Ap­ple TV re­mote to con­trol play­back. We tested Beamer with small video files stored on our Mac and 3GB video on a re­mote server and it never flinched. If we were be­ing picky, we’d say that it’d be nice if Beamer also han­dled im­ages and per­haps PDFs and so on.

Beamer is one of those small util­i­ties that repli­cates what is al­ready tech­ni­cally fea­si­ble on your Mac and yet makes the process that lit­tle bit eas­ier. If you have fold­ers full of video files and want to eas­ily and quickly watch them on your big screen, Beamer is just about per­fect. It’s a top-notch tool and worth ev­ery penny. Christo­pher Bren­nan

The main Beamer in­ter­face is sim­plic­ity it­self; just drag and drop video files.

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