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Any­one who nicks Ian’s Mac might get more than they bar­gained for

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I’ve never used Or­bicule’s Un­der­cover 6. Not as it was in­tended, any­way. But I still love it. A con­tra­dic­tion? No, but it’s cer­tainly a para­dox. Un­der­cover runs in the back­ground on your Mac, help­ing you to re­cover it if stolen. I’ve never used it be­cause, I’ve never had my Macs pinched, but I’m glad it’s there.

The ser­vice is easy to use. Down­load a light­weight app, open an ac­count at un­der­cov­erhq.com and reg­is­ter your Mac(s) – you can buy a one-de­vice or five-Mac li­cence. If it’s stolen, log on to Un­der­cover HQ and re­port it. Next time it’s taken on­line, Un­der­cover cap­tures data that could lo­cate it and catch the thieves. Lo­ca­tion in­for­ma­tion and the Mac’s in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal IP ad­dresses are saved, help­ing po­lice find out where it is. Key­strokes are logged and screen­shots cap­tured to record what­ever it is the thief is do­ing on your Mac, and it even takes pho­tos through the we­b­cam. If all else fails, switch to Plan B, which sim­u­lates a hard­ware fail­ure.

Un­der­cover Watch starts record­ing in­for­ma­tion when your Mac is used out­side your reg­u­lar net­work, or when some­one logs into a dummy ac­count set up for the pur­pose. When we re­viewed Un­der­cover 6 in Is­sue 274, we crit­i­cised this fea­ture as be­ing in­flex­i­ble, but now you can reg­is­ter mul­ti­ple net­works as be­ing ‘safe’, and set up Macs in­de­pen­dently if you have more than one reg­is­tered to the same Un­der­cover ac­count. Or­bicule Un­der­cover 6 is well worth the £19 for a sin­gle Mac or £69 for a five-Mac li­cence. Check it out at or­bicule.com.

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