In­ten­sify Pro

There’s plenty of depth be­yond the pre­sets in this im­age-edit­ing app

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£35 De­vel­oper MacPhun Soft­ware,­ten­si­fypro

OS OS X 10.7 or later Re­quires 4GB RAM What might look like a pre­set-based im­age edi­tor turns out to have a lot more depth, as In­ten­sify Pro opens up into a layer-based edit­ing sys­tem with plenty of man­ual ad­just­ments.

In­ten­sify Pro is a stand­alone app that can open com­mon im­age for­mats as well as raw files, but it also hooks into Pho­to­shop (CS5 or later), Light­room (4 or later), Aper­ture (3.2 or later) and PS El­e­ments (10 or later, but not the sand­boxed App Store ver­sions) to take your im­ages on a round trip from one app to an­other, re­mem­ber­ing the ed­its you’ve made.

Us­ing a pre­set or cre­at­ing your own as a start­ing point, dive into the Ad­just pal­ette for tweaks to con­trast, ex­po­sure, sharp­ness and colour tem­per­a­ture. This doesn’t of­fer much over the likes of Aper­ture, al­though its Pro Con­trast and Struc­ture sec­tions – of­fer­ing con­trol over high­lights, mid­tones and shad­ows – are worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with.

A brush tool al­lows ad­just­ments to be painted on se­lec­tively, and they can also be ap­plied across gra­di­ents and on lay­ers for a great deal of con­trol over your fi­nal im­age. Once your im­age is tweaked to your lik­ing, Ap­ply takes you back to your orig­i­nal app if you’re round-trip­ping, or the Save & Share icon, then the icon of your pre­ferred app, moves your im­age into, say, PS El­e­ments. You can also ex­port di­rectly to the MacPhun Print Lab.

If you’ve al­ready got Aper­ture or Light­room, In­ten­sify Pro won’t add too much to your work­flow and the app doesn’t have any or­gan­i­sa­tion fea­tures for a large li­brary. But if you’re look­ing for an app to quickly touch up small batches of im­ages, In­ten­sify Pro is worth a look. Ian Even­den

Click ‘show’ while us­ing the brush tool to see where you’ve painted – it's off by de­fault.

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