Bro­ken Age

An ad­ven­ture game that’s weird, won­der­ful and new­comer-friendly

Mac Format - - RATED | IOS APPS - £6.99 De­vel­oper Dou­ble Fine Pro­duc­tions, bro­ke­ Works with iPad Ver­sion 1.2.2 Age 9+ A lit­tle easy Some clever, log­i­cal puz­zles Lovely art and an­i­ma­tions Funny, smart story

Shay lives a cod­dled life, alone on a space­ship, watched over by some ex­ceed­ingly parental com­puter pro­grams. His days con­sist of sav­ing his adorable toy-like ship­mates from equally cutesy ‘dis­as­ters’. Vella lives in a sweet (lit­er­ally) bak­ing vil­lage, with a sup­port­ive fam­ily. Her days, how­ever, are num­bered – she’s due to be sac­ri­ficed to a great beast, to keep her vil­lage safe from its wrath.

Bro­ken Age is the story of these two break­ing away from their re­spec­tive des­tinies and fight­ing back against their op­pres­sor, whether it’s a huge monster or a restrict­ing en­vi­ron­ment. You play as them both in this point-and-tap ad­ven­ture, switch­ing be­tween their sto­ries as you see fit un­til you reach the cliffhanger at the end of the first act – the sec­ond is com­ing later this year, and will be an additional IAP.

It’s tra­di­tional as far as ad­ven­ture games go – tap to walk around the ar­eas, tap to in­ter­act with things. The dif­fer­ent ar­eas you visit are largely in­ter­est­ing and fun, and the puz­zles’ so­lu­tions make a lot of sense. We found it easy for this kind of game (not a bad thing), but a lit­tle light – no puzzle-solv­ing made us feel like a ge­nius, even if some are in­ven­tive. If you like your point-and-clicks to be brain-teasers, this won’t re­ally sat­isfy.

How­ever, we loved Bro­ken Age any­way. It has some bril­liant jokes in its clever script, with su­perb art and top voice act­ing bring­ing it all to­gether – and, in the end a won­der­ful al­le­gor­i­cal state­ment wrapped in its witty, friv­o­lous candy shell. It’s fun and wel­com­ing, even if you’ve not played an ad­ven­ture game be­fore. Matt Bolton

Vet­er­ans may find its puz­zling a bit slight, but Bro­ken Age’s wit, in­ven­tive­ness and pol­ish make it a must-play.

The Weaver nav­i­gates Shay’s ship across space us­ing the power of knit­ting and scarves.

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