Cordy 2

Matt loved the great old Sonic games, and says this is blue hedge­hog’s true suc­ces­sor

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The early Sonic the Hedge­hog games are, it’s fair to say, some­what more revered than the se­ries’ newer en­tries. And it’s not with­out cause. They were bet­ter games, for the most part. The thing is, nail­ing down the essence of what made the old games so good has al­ways been tricky. Some say the core of Sonic was the speed, fir­ing through tricksy lev­els and need­ing sharp re­ac­tions to avoid peril. But I dis­agree. The fast sec­tions of Sonic were a clever way to break up the pace (and give him a chance to live up to his name), but for me, where Sonic games came alive was the ex­plo­ration. Lev­els usu­ally of­fered a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent paths to the end, with bonuses and ex­tra lives hid­den off – and se­cret stages, of course. Some hid­den ar­eas needed a bit of clever speed build­ing to reach, while some were just sneak­ily tucked away. The level de­sign, and hop­ping from plat­form to plat­form to reach new paths is what sticks with me when I think back to my days play­ing the Mega Drive.

So, why have I spent half this col­umn bang­ing on about old Sonic games (which are avail­able on iOS, of course) when the ti­tle says it’s about Cordy 2? Be­cause for me, Cordy 2 is the clos­est any newer game has come to nail­ing what was great about old Sonic games. The lev­els are mix­tures of speed bursts and thought­ful plat­form­ing – ex­plo­ration is en­cour­aged in some spots, re­ac­tions and bouncy fun in oth­ers. Like Sonic, ev­ery level is packed with things to do and col­lect even when you aren’t ac­tively pro­gress­ing. The lev­els and char­ac­ters come to life with lit­tle flour­ishes, and the ebb and flow of the game is re­alised al­most per­fectly, thanks partly to clever con­tex­tual con­trols. If you liked Sonic back in the day, I’m sure you’ll love Cordy 2, too. Give it a go, it’s free to down­load, with IAPs avail­able.

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