Space Run

Eat laser death, space pi­rates! Yeah, we’re hav­ing fun here…

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Laser death with space pi­rates

£10.99 De­vel­oper Passtech Games, OS 10.7.5+ Re­quires In­tel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 512MB graph­ics card/ In­tel HD Graph­ics 3000 or bet­ter, 1GB HDD space

Tech­ni­cally, Space Run is a tower de­fence game. It’s a genre that’s near-sat­u­rated at this point, so per­haps the best thing Space Run does is avoid look­ing or feel­ing too much like this sort of game. You’re a trans­port pilot, tak­ing cargo from place to place. In­evitably, pi­rates try to de­stroy your goods and/or you. This is solved by adding lasers tur­rets, mis­sile launch­ers and shields to your ship, among other op­tions. Each mis­sion pro­vides a ship of a dif­fer­ent shape, giv­ing you new choices each time: what parts should go in what spots to best de­fend it? It’s a bal­anc­ing act – each weapon has a fir­ing arc, so you need to en­sure wide cov­er­age, but some weapons can block each other, or re­quire ad­di­tional power. And do you need to use weapon space for a shield? Also, you need to build en­gines for your ship, and as there’s a time limit on each mis­sion, you need to pri­ori­tise your spend­ing.

The great­ness is in how dy­namic and free it feels – swing­ing a bank of lasers into ac­tion is su­perb. The dif­fi­culty re­ally steps up later, though, and the ship/en­emy com­bi­na­tions be­come more like puzzles to solve through trial and er­ror. Your build­ing must be op­ti­mised for the mis­sion. It starts to feel more re­stricted, and can be more frus­trat­ing. It can also be quite fran­tic – we of­ten wished we could pause time and queue com­mands. It’s still al­ways noth­ing less than a big pile of lasery, ex­plodey fun, though. Matt Bolton

The ships are based on a hexag­o­nal grid, giv­ing you lots of op­tions for lay­outs.

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