A wasted week­end?

A Sun­day spent fix­ing Win­dows re­minds Gary of what’s so magic about Macs

Mac Format - - APPLE OPINION - Gary Mar­shall doesn’t like to mock other op­er­at­ing sys­tems or hard­ware, although he’ll make an ex­cep­tion for Sam­sung smart­watches.

Some­times you need the bad to re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate the good. The ex­plo­sive af­ter­math of semi­cooked sausages, for ex­am­ple, make you ap­pre­ci­ate bar­be­cue cui­sine made by some­one who un­der­stands food safety.

It’s sim­i­lar to the way that Win­dows re­ally makes you miss your Mac.

I don’t mean that in a knee-jerk, WINDOZE LOL kind of way. Fan­boy­ism bores me to tears, and while I’m typ­ing this on a Mac, I have, use and quite like my Win­dows 8 PC (there’s an An­droid phone here too, although I pre­fer my iPhone). I mean it in a peo­ple-are-suf­fer­ing way.

I’m not here to bury Win­dows. I’m here to point at it, and to tut loudly.

I’ve just spent a week­end fix­ing a pair of Win­dows PCs, one be­cause Win­dows 8 is – to its new-com­puter pur­chaser – a con­fus­ing mess that uses a tablet in­ter­face on desk­top PCs for no good rea­son, and the other be­cause var­i­ous un­scrupu­lous soft­ware cre­ators man­aged to stuff a Win­dows 7 lap­top with so much ad­ware that its in­ter­net broke. It’s been a week­end of swear­ing, unin­stalling pro­grams, re­mov­ing tool­bars, swear­ing, fix­ing search set­tings, swear­ing, killing se­cret pro­cesses and, uh, swear­ing.

That sim­ply doesn’t hap­pen with Macs, and it doesn’t hap­pen with iOS ei­ther. Nei­ther plat­form is with­out its faults – cough iTunes Match! cough – but nei­ther plat­form de­liv­ers the sheer mis­ery that an un­happy Win­dows box can bring.

I’d love to say that’s be­cause Mac peo­ple are smarter, more care­ful and much bet­ter in bed than users of ri­val op­er­at­ing sys­tems, but of course that isn’t true, apart from maybe the last bit. You don’t get to be the world’s most valu­able tech com­pany by re­fus­ing to take money from im­be­ciles – and con­versely, you don’t get Win­dows’ many bil­lions by sell­ing prod­ucts solely to peo­ple who still point at aero­planes.

The dif­fer­ence is it’s much harder to sneak dodgy soft­ware onto a Mac or iPad than onto a Win­dows box or an An­droid tablet. Ap­ple users aren’t nec­es­sar­ily any more se­cu­ri­tysavvy than users of other types of OS – for ex­am­ple, the re­cent iCloud phish­ing scam showed Win­dows users don’t have a mo­nop­oly on gulli­bil­ity – but Ap­ple own­ers have a locked-down op­er­at­ing sys­tem and a well-po­liced app store that makes the bad guys’ jobs much harder.

Ap­ple’s crit­ics call it con­trol freak­ery. I call it a way to avoid wasted week­ends.

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