Make a ‘Choose Your Own Ad­ven­ture’ game

Time A few hours, length de­pend­ing! You’ll need A Mac, Twine

Mac Format - - FUN MAC PROJECTS -

Twine (twin­ is a very low-ef­fort game-cre­ation tool that makes it re­ally easy to pro­duce text-based games that work just like Choose Your Own Ad­ven­ture books. You write a page of text, in­clud­ing some op­tions for what the reader could do next as links. Each link will con­nect to a new page of text, so you can build up a story with mul­ti­ple paths quickly and eas­ily.

You don’t need to know any cod­ing at all to get started – once you learn how the links are made, you’re set (you can be up and run­ning in­side five min­utes with the guide at aun­tiepix­e­ twine). You can also add im­ages to your game eas­ily enough, but if you know a bit of pro­gram­ming, you can take things fur­ther, such as adding HTML, CSS, vari­ables for more com­plex branch­ing story op­tions, and even JavaScript.

Once your story is fin­ished, the even­tual prod­uct is pretty much just a web page. You could put it on your web­site for peo­ple to play on­line, or send it to peo­ple di­rectly, who can open it in any re­cent web browser. MB

You too could cre­ate your very own in­stant clas­sic equiv­a­lent of The Cave of Time.

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