De­sign your own Lego set

Time A few hours You’ll need A Mac, Lego Dig­i­tal De­signer

Mac Format - - FUN MAC PROJECTS -

With rise of the Lego Ideas (for­merly Cu­u­soo) crowd-sourc­ing ser­vice, the idea of fan-de­signed Lego sets has re­ally taken off. You might think that it’s hard and ex­pen­sive to get into cre­at­ing your own Lego sets (so many bricks!), but Lego’s Dig­i­tal De­signer app for Mac ( makes it free and easy. Down­load and open the app, and you pretty much just choose the bricks you want from the browser on the left and drop them into place in the build area on the right. The range of bricks is vast, so find­ing what you want can be daunt­ing at first – you’ll prob­a­bly get used to us­ing the search func­tion quickly, though. It can be fid­dly at times – with lit­tle help built into the pro­gram it­self – but there are guides on­line. You can in­clude sim­ple Lego bricks as well as Tech­nics’ more in­tri­cate op­tions.

You can then save your de­signs, to build them for real if you get the parts, or share them on­line – even to Lego Ideas, to get Lego to of­fi­cially make it. Oh, and if you get re­ally good and start to find Lego Dig­i­tal De­signer a lit­tle re­stric­tive, you can move on to LDraw (, which lets you cre­ate full in­struc­tions and even de­sign cus­tom minifig­ures. MB

Search for the bricks you need and place them on Lego Dig­i­tal De­signer’s vir­tual can­vas; it grows to ac­com­mo­date your de­sign’s size.

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