Does it mat­ter who up­dates OS X?

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A We re­cently up­graded the fam­ily com­puter to OS X Moun­tain Lion, but I’m a lit­tle con­cerned we may have backed our­selves into a cor­ner. My son down­loaded the up­date from his lo­gin and in­stalled it there. Now Soft­ware Up­date has been re­placed by the App Store, will I need to make sure all fu­ture up­dates to Moun­tain Lion are done through my son’s lo­gin? If so, is it bet­ter to give this lo­gin ad­min­is­tra­tor au­thor­ity and set it aside as a ded­i­cated up­dat­ing ac­count and give him a new one? Ge­off Lopez A First of all, why are you only up­dat­ing to Moun­tain Lion? Mav­er­icks is free and bet­ter! In fact Yosemite is al­most upon us, so you might soon be two ver­sions be­hind! But there’s no need to set any user ac­counts aside or cre­ate new ones. OS X isn’t treated like just another app. It’s in its own cat­e­gory, and it doesn’t mat­ter who is logged in; the up­dates are in­stalled just the same. Of course, who­ever down­loads new up­dates needs ad­min­is­tra­tor priv­i­leges to in­stall them, which makes me think your son’s ac­count al­ready has ad­min ac­cess. If it doesn’t list this in Sys­tem Pref­er­ences > Users & Groups, you might want to change your own pass­word be­cause your son ap­pears to have guessed it.

Soft­ware Up­date uses the App Store to up­date OS X, but it’s treated separately from ev­ery other app.

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