Adobe Pho­to­shop Mix

Another step for for­ward for iPad photo edit­ing?

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Free De­vel­oper Adobe,

Works with iPad Ver­sion 1.0.1 Age 4+

Adobe Pho­to­shop Mix’s tools let you make ba­sic ed­its to pho­tos, mak­ing the most of sim­i­larly pow­er­ful tech to that lurk­ing at the heart of the full desk­top pow­er­house, Pho­to­shop. There are fil­ters, en­hance tools and crop­ping op­tions, and you can cut out part of an image and over­lay it on another as a very ba­sic col­lage. The smart edge-find­ing ca­pa­bil­ity is rea­son­able at its job, but fine-tun­ing is clunky. One of the head­line fea­tures is Con­tent-Aware Fill, an in­cred­i­bly pow­er­ful tool from the desk­top ver­sion of Pho­to­shop, and there are also up­right and shake re­duc­tion tools. These are also vari­able in their re­sults, though, and are ac­tu­ally pow­ered by Adobe’s servers, mean­ing they re­quire a fast web con­nec­tion to send/re­ceive the data from Adobe. They may also even­tu­ally be hid­den be­hind IAP or Adobe’s Creative Cloud sub­scrip­tion.

Stick­ing with the theme, the ges­tu­ral in­ter­face used to con­trol many op­tions in the app is it­self a mix – some­times won­der­ful (zoom/twist) and mad­den­ing, with the undo func­tion be­ing al­most im­pos­si­ble to trig­ger.

The un­der­ly­ing tech­nol­ogy in Pho­to­shop Mix is un­doubt­edly im­pres­sive, and the idea of hav­ing tools such as Con­tent-Aware Fill avail­able on the iPad is hugely de­sir­able, but it’s hard to see who Mix will ap­peal to right now. It’s still too lim­ited for real pro use, and most am­a­teur Pho­to­shop users are un­likely to use Creative Cloud. Craig Gran­nell

There are some great ideas in Mix, but it feels un­sure who it wants to ap­peal to.

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