Pri­or­ity dis­patch

Read­ing, send­ing and client nav­i­ga­bil­ity

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Spar­row and Air­mail give you the op­tion of a float­ing com­po­si­tion win­dow or a shal­low Twit­ter-like win­dow for quick replies. When you’ve fin­ished typ­ing, Air­mail lets you send and ar­chive a thread with a sin­gle click. It also lets you drag mes­sages (to the trash, for ex­am­ple), which Spar­row doesn’t, and set them as To Dos or Memos, for later view­ing. Post­box can con­vert mes­sages to To Dos, and as with Thun­der­bird, lets you drag mes­sages to fold­ers. You can set Thun­der­bird to ig­nore whole threads (if you get copied in on a long cc’d con­ver­sa­tion you don’t want to fol­low), and it tops off emails with ‘ar­chive’ and ‘junk’ but­tons, so you can quickly zap them. Uni­box also has these but­tons, but be­ing con­tact- rather than in­box-fo­cused, fil­ing mes­sages to fold­ers takes a cou­ple of ex­tra clicks through some drop-down menus. Inky has menus of fold­ers for fil­ing, and also tries to guess email rel­e­vance, sort­ing them by rank. If it gets this wrong, you can bump a mes­sage score up or down for fu­ture ref­er­ence.

Spar­row’s neat in­ter­face gives the op­tion of full or com­pact compose win­dows.

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