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How well does each app in­te­grate?

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Each app wants to ac­cess the OS X ad­dress book, which Inky also uses to main­tain an in­box of mes­sages from your con­tacts. If you email your­self a re­minder, Inky files it as a note, rather than a mes­sage. Click­ing on a date in an email in Air­mail lets you add it to the Cal­en­dar, Re­minders or Things. You can also link cloud stor­age ser­vices for host­ing at­tach­ments rather than send­ing them within the body of an email, and Ever­note for sav­ing mes­sages. Post­box can do both of these too, as well as post­ing to so­cial net­works. Thun­der­bird also al­lows you to host at­tach­ments on cloud servers, has its own con­tact book and, like Post­box, can be aug­mented us­ing plug-ins, so you can bun­dle in a cal­en­dar and use both to read RSS feeds and Usenet groups. Nei­ther Uni­box nor Spar­row cre­ates links from dates or iden­ti­fies notes, how­ever you can use a cloud ser­vice to host Spar­row at­tach­ments and link it to Face­book to down­load your con­tacts’ avatars. Lastly, Uni­box shows avatars for con­tacts with ac­counts at Gra­vatar.

Air­mail is one of the most flex­i­ble op­tions for link­ing emailed dates to cal­en­dars.

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