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Does this Blue­tooth speaker sound as good as it looks? Let’s find out…

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Is this the ideal speaker sys­tem for you?

£149 Man­u­fac­turer KitSound, kitsound.co.uk Driv­ers 2x 3-inch 30W satel­lites, 1x 6-inch 50W sub­woofer Con­nec­tiv­ity Blue­tooth 4.0, 1x ana­logue au­dio in­put (RCA phono), 1x ana­logue au­dio out­put (RCA phono), 1x USB port (charg­ing only) Di­men­sions 420x115.5x280mm When it comes to de­centsound­ing speak­ers, the word ‘boom’ sug­gests an ex­cess of some­thing deep and rather ugly. Un­for­tu­nately, that’s nearly the case here, but thanks largely to the other half of the Boom Evo­lu­tion’s name, the day is saved.

As a more re­fined ver­sion of KitSound’s orig­i­nal BoomDock iPod speaker dock from four years ago, this gad­get presents a fresh new face to the world on the out­side and some up­graded specs on the in­side. The orig­i­nal dock has been re­placed by Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity, for ex­am­ple, and the Boom Evo­lu­tion in­cludes two 30W satel­lites across the front and a down­ward-fir­ing 60W sub­woofer in­side the main cabi­net that sup­plies deep bass.

Other good­ies in­clude ana­logue au­dio in­puts and out­puts, and a stylish front panel with ba­sic con­trols, most of which are repli­cated on the re­mote. You also find a USB socket on the back for charg­ing your iPhone or iPad.

As we’ve al­ready sug­gested, while the Boom Evo­lu­tion looks the part, it doesn’t quite mea­sure up when it comes to sound qual­ity. The big prob­lem is, of course, the boom. The de­fault bass level – aided by that beefy sub­woofer – is sim­ply too over­whelm­ing even at moder­ate vol­umes and al­most the first thing you find your­self do­ing is search­ing for a way to curb it. Luck­ily, KitSound has in­cluded both bass and tre­ble con­trols, so that’s easy to do. It’s also a great way to tune the speaker to suit your mu­si­cal tastes.

The other is­sue we have is with Blue­tooth play­back. While the sound never stut­ters or drops (as can hap­pen with other speaker docks), you’re not re­ally re­warded with su­per sound qual­ity ei­ther. Lis­ten­ing this way is pleas­ant rather than pleas­ing.

To re­ally shift things up a gear you need to hook your iOS de­vices up to the Boom Evo­lu­tion us­ing the ana­logue au­dio in­put on the back – and then feed it with high bit-rate (Ap­ple Loss­less) tunes. The con­trast is stag­ger­ing. Sud­denly the Boom Evo­lu­tion comes alive and you have a whole new level of sound that the speaker’s only hinted at be­fore. It’s not £500-good, but it’s good enough to ap­pre­ci­ate the Boom Evo­lu­tion in a new way. Rob Mead-Green

The Boom Evo­lu­tion is a bar­gain at £149, but only once you man­age to tame its wild side.

A great-look­ing bit of kit that can sound great too

(with a lit­tle help).

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