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Q I’m start­ing a small de­sign con­sul­tancy and I want to kit the of­fice out with Macs. I’ll be re­plac­ing two or three each year, in or­der to be sure we have the lat­est equip­ment. From a re­sale point of view, is it bet­ter to get MacBook Airs or Mac minis? Ge­orge Col­lias

A I’d go with Mac minis. A tricked­out Air costs about £500 more than a mid-range mini, and yet has worse per­for­mance. It’s true that once you’ve added key­board, mouse and mon­i­tor to the mini it will be more ex­pen­sive again, but you won’t need to re­place those ev­ery year. In­vest in Ap­ple Thun­der­bolt dis­plays and you’ll have a topqual­ity mon­i­tor that should be good for at least five years. You can also up­grade the mini’s RAM and disk stor­age.

That means that you’re re­selling a lower to­tal value of hard­ware each year and so don’t lose as much to de­pre­ci­a­tion. The per­cent­age de­pre­ci­a­tion seems to be quite sim­i­lar – lap­tops are more de­sir­able, but are gen­er­ally treated more roughly, so the amount the price needs to drop in or­der to tempt the buyer is about the same.

A Mac mini is a bet­ter in­vest­ment be­cause you can up­grade it with­out re­plac­ing the screen.

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