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What is it? We’ve all seen those dodgy pieces of toast with fluky pat­terns where mil­lions have flocked to check out splodges that bear re­sem­blance to Je­sus, Santa Claus or John Len­non, but the Vermont Nov­elty Toaster Corp has gone one bet­ter. They can build you a toaster that burns a spe­cific portrait onto your bread. You just send them a pho­to­graph, and they use it to make a metal plate that fits in the toaster. When heated, it burns your cho­sen im­age onto your break­fast! When’s it due? Be­fore 8:30am. Why are we ex­cited? Get­ting your own face burned onto your toast is the ul­ti­mate ego trip. But per­son­ally we think brand­ing an im­age of your loved ones or favourite celeb onto food and then bit­ing it is a bit weird, but hey! It’s your break­fast – you do what you want with it. You can cur­rently buy a toaster with one de­sign in both slots or a dif­fer­ent de­sign in each. We’re told al­ter­na­tive plates will soon be sold sep­a­rately too, in both cus­tom and be­spoke de­signs. That way you could have a dif­fer­ent pic­ture for each mem­ber of the fam­ily.

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