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What is it? With 3Doodler, you can take your draw­ings to an­other di­men­sion. It’s the world’s first 3D print­ing pen. In­stead of ink, the nib pushes out heated plas­tic that so­lid­i­fies in con­tact with the air, so you can build ex­cit­ing 3D mod­els free­hand. You can also trace over a tem­plate down­loaded from the web. When’s it due? It’s out now. Why are we ex­cited? It’s amaz­ing how far 3D print­ing has come in the last few years. The 3Doodler re­leases the plas­tic fairly slowly so you have to have a su­per­steady hand, but it’s cer­tainly a fun take on ‘print­ing’ in 3D. And per­haps a great com­pan­ion for a reg­u­lar 3D printer? Build a model on your printer, then dec­o­rate it with 3Doodler? Just a thought…

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