I’m stuck at a blue or grey screen

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Per­sis­tent blue or grey screens when you boot up your Mac tend to be caused by a pe­riph­eral. Power off the Mac. Dis­con­nect ev­ery­thing ex­cept the power and the key­board and mouse (if ex­ter­nal), and now restart. If the Mac starts up nor­mally, it’s a prob­lem with a pe­riph­eral. To find out which one is at fault, reat­tach them one by one and start up each time, un­til the prob­lem re­oc­curs.

Once you’ve found the cul­prit, Google the prob­lem and the name of the pe­riph­eral to find out what oth­ers have done to fix it.

If the Mac won’t boot with all pe­riph­er­als dis­con­nected, try boot­ing in Safe Mode by hold­ing down ß when you restart. Oc­ca­sion­ally, do­ing that then restart­ing fixes the prob­lem. If not, boot into the Re­cov­ery par­ti­tion and fol­low the steps in the prob­lem above.

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