It doesn’t start up at all!

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First of all, check that the Mac is con­nected to a power sup­ply, and that the power ca­ble is se­cure. Then you should check that the power socket is switched on and work­ing. (Test it with a lamp!)

Next, elim­i­nate the pos­si­bil­ity that it’s a dis­play prob­lem. Is there a startup chime? Can you hear the fan? Is the sleep LED lit? Does ¬ light up when you press it? If the an­swer to any of those ques­tions is yes, it may be a prob­lem with the dis­play. If it’s an ex­ter­nal mon­i­tor, check its con­nec­tion. If that’s okay, try con­nect­ing a dif­fer­ent dis­play. If the an­swer to all of those ques­tions is no, try re­set­ting the sys­tem man­age­ment con­troller (SMC). Shut down, press (left side) ß+å+≈, and press the power but­ton to start up. Still no joy? Get thee to a Ge­nius Bar.

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